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Monday, 12 October 2020

Won the second losing match:With the innings against Hyderabad he proved that he is not a one match wonder; Sehwag said- Tewatia is an arrow, the lifeblood of Rajasthan

In the 26th match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) on Sunday, Rajasthan Royals needed 54 runs in 4 overs to chase 159 runs against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Jose Butler, Ben Stokes, Steve Smith, Sanju Samson and Robin Uthappa took 5 wickets each. With no star batsman standing to chase the target at a run rate of 13.5 and a T-20 legend like Rashid Khan having one over left, naturally no one can hope for Rajasthan to win.

Yes, Rahul Tewatia changed the face of the match by hitting 5 sixes in one over against Kings XI Punjab, but then he got the banner of One Match Wonder. Today, he added 85 runs in 7.5 overs for the sixth wicket with Parag to win the match for the second time in the season.

3 consecutive fours in Rashid Khan's over; The
run rate was 12 when the 18th over of the innings started. As this over was important from the point of view of the result in the match, captain David Warner handed the ball to his main bowler Rashid. The first ball took a single and 18-year-old Ryan Parag gave a strike to Tevatia.

Tewatia hit a four-hat trick with the swag of 'Rahul's name is soon to be heard'. The second and third balls hit fours in reverse sweep, while the fourth balls hit fours on extra cover. Then the fifth ball went empty. He could have been stumped in the fifth ball, he only got the inside edge when he went to cut Rashid and the ball landed on the stumps adjacent to wicketkeeper Bairstow's pad. The light went on but the zing bells on the stump did not fall. Fate also accompanied Tewatia. The sixth ball took a leg bye single. It didn't matter then.

Tevatia hit fours and sixes in Natarajan's bowling in the 19th over, leaving only formality in the match. He hit an unbeaten 45 off 28 balls with a strike rate of 160.71 off 4 fours and 2 sixes. He also won the Man of the Match award for this innings.

Tewatia thrives under pressure: Smith
Rajasthan Royals captain Steve Smith said after the match, "Tewatia thrives under pressure. We are proud of the way he finished the match with Parag. We win the match after our top-4 is not clicked. It shows our batting depth. When we talk about Tevatia's batting, we forget his bowling and fielding skills. "

"Tewatia is the
lifeblood of Rajasthan. After the match, former India opener Virender Sehwag praised Tewatia, saying," Tewatia is a revolution, the bowlers are at peace. Great victory for Rajasthan. "

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