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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Ahmedabad has the highest number of 9 cases of corona recurrence in the country.

Exclusive: Ahmedabad has the highest number of 9 cases of corona recurrence in the country.

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With the exception of one woman out of 9, only a 60-year-old woman has a history of where the other eight became infected

Ahmedabad has the highest number of nine cases of corona re-infection in the country. Eight out of nine are resident doctors who work at LG and SVP hospitals. He is between 25 and 34 years old, while another woman is 60 years old. 5 out of 9 are male and 4 are female. All these cases have been reported between August 18 and September 9. Seven out of nine doctors had a second corona in the first three and a half months, but one doctor was re-infected in just a month and a half.

When Corona first appeared, 3 of the 9 were A-symptomatic, while 6 had a mild infection. Four of the nine were A-symptomatic when the re-infection occurred, five had a mild infection. Most of the doctors' duty was to codify and follow all the protocols, but they said that the infection was caused by living among the patients, but one doctor said that we were maintaining the protocol in the hospital, but outside the hospital the protocol may have been broken by mistake and re-infected. Can. It is very important for everyone to follow the mask and social distance until the vaccine arrives.

Positive patient samples were kept when corona cases started in the city from March, but as the cases progressed, they were disposed of as it was difficult to keep the samples as per the revised guidelines of ICMR, due to which old samples of repeat cases are not available for research. After re-infection their samples could not be compared for various viral parameters and genetic testing.

Genetic testing could not be compared as there were no samples of the first infection.

resident doctor (age 25) said there were no symptoms in the second infection. It is not known where the infection came from, but there is still fatigue after recovering a second time. Climb two to three floors so you have to rest. Anyone should avoid going out of the house unless they need to and if they have gone out, they should take steam and bath immediately.

Despite wearing gloves and a mask, he became infected
. I don't know the cause of the infection before and after, but I have been living among the patients constantly so I don't know who got the infection. Despite repeated use of double gloves, masks, sanitizers, re-infection should be understood by the people and it is very important to avoid gathering even in the current situation.

A resident doctor (age 26) said the possibility of infection was due to the lack of antibodies . The second time mass testing was done at the hospital my report came back positive. I was on duty in the non-covid ward. She was wearing a mask, but had no idea where the exposure came from. The infection may have been caused by a lack of antibodies in the body.

another resident doctor (age 27). "From the beginning, our duty was at SVP Hospital." The infection may have been caused by living among patients, but it is not clear who came into contact with the infection. After recovering for the first time, he joined duty again and got infected again. However, I would say so accurately that maybe even one percent of the off-duty protocol or guidelines have been broken if infected.

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The first time my husband got infected, the second time my brother got infected
. In civil we both husband and wife entered. Later my brother who was in Delhi Air Force came here. He reported having a fever and came back positive. I also reported coming in contact with them and Ratan was admitted to the hospital after coming back positive. Now I have stopped going out of the house.

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