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Monday, 2 November 2020

Hammer airflow has a standby time of 60 hours, the harmonics twin of Potronics will clash

First Opinion: Hammer airflow has a standby time of 60 hours, the harmonics twin of Potronics will clash

  • Hammer airflow earbuds are available on Flipkart at Rs 1274
  • Its case comes with a 300mAh battery, which charges in 1.5 hours

Indigenous audio equipment maker Hammer has just launched its cheap earbuds Airflow in India. Its price is budget friendly. Buying it will not affect your pocket much.

The company has tried to give a stylish look on a low budget. It also has good built quality. So let us know from the first opinion what is new in Hammer earbuds, what features will be found and which earbuds will compete with it in the market.

Hammer Airflow Earbuds: How Much Does It Cost?

  • It is priced at Rs 1,399 on the company's official site, but can be purchased at Rs 1,274 on Flipkart. It is available in multicolor and blue color variants.
  • Cashback will also be available on purchases made with Axis Bank credit / debit cards on Flipkart.
  • The company is also offering a 6-month replacement warranty in the event of a manufacturing defect. To claim the warranty, you need to register on the official site within 10 days of purchasing the product.

Hammer Airflow Earbuds: What's the Best Part?
First: Standby time

  • Affordable earbuds have a 300mAh battery in the charging case. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. It offers 60 hours of standby time on a full charge.
  • Buds also charge quickly. On full charge it is a 4 hour backup. It can be fully charged 4 times with the help of charging case. So there is no tension of running out of battery.

Second: Design

  • The company has also given an attractive design of the charging case. The top cover is transparent. The body of the charging case is also made of good plastic material, which looks strong.
  • On the front are 4 LED lights, which are charging level information. However, a micro USB charging port is found. Which is a little old. Its design is sleek, which can be easily kept in a pocket.

Third: Comfort fitting

  • Buds are lightweight, which does not cause heaviness when attached to the ear. Buds fit into ears of every size. For this, there are silicone tips in the box, which gives comfort to the user.
  • If you are a fitness lover and also a music lover then these earbuds are a good option on a low budget. The fitting of these earbuds is so good that you can even sit in the gym and exercise.

Fourth: Features

  • Buds are provided with function buttons, in which call pick and drop, music play / pause and song change can be done.
  • The most special thing is that Google Assistant becomes active when you tap the Buds button 3. This allows calling, music or app opening by giving voice commands.
  • Buds connects to the phone using Bluetooth version 5.0. It has a range of 10 meters. It features high speed data transfer, stable performance.
  • What's special is that it also supports monomode capability. This means that the user can use single buds if he wants.

Hammer Airflow Earbuds: Who is the Close Competitor?

  • Compared to the price, its close competitor in the market is Potronics Harmonics Twin Mini Earbuds. It is priced at Rs 1299 on Flipkart. Understand from the specification table which earbuds are better.
  • Read in Gujarati news 
FeaturesHammer airflowPotronics Harmonics Twin Mini
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Bluetooth range10 meters10 meters
LED indicatorYesYes
Playback time (buds)4 hours3 hours
Playback time (charging case)16 hours12 hours
Standby time60 hours-
Water resistantNo.Yes
Charging time1.5 hours1.5 hours
  • It can be seen from the table comparison that the specifications of both are almost identical. But, Hammer airflow has more playback time. Buds are not water resistant though.
  • Potronics is a good option if water resistant capability is your priority, but you can purchase a Hammer Airflow if you want more playback time and get rid of frequent charging.

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