In Britain, 413 infected people died in one day, while in the US, 1.26 lakh cases were reported in 24 hours

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In the world of Corona:In Britain, 413 infected people died in one day, while in the US, 1.26 lakh cases were reported in 24 hours

There are lockdowns in most parts of Britain. Due to which the commercial activity is completely closed. There has been strong opposition, but Prime Minister Boris Jones has made it clear that the lockdown will not be lifted.

The number of infected people in the world has crossed 4.96 crore, the number of recovering patients has crossed 3.52 crore.
More than 99.17 million infected, more than 2.40 million people died in the United States

The number of corona infections in the world has reached more than 4.96 crore. 3 crore 52 lakh 34 thousand 120 patients have been cured. These statistics are as per www.worldometers.info/coronavirus. The transition to America and Europe is reaching alarming levels. A total of 413 infected people died during treatment in Britain on Saturday. More than a million cases have been reported in the United States for the eighth day in a row.

Heavy pressure on Britain's hospitals
Transition in Britain The transition is spreading as fast as in other European countries. The government has imposed curfews in some parts of the country, but to no avail. More than 25,000 cases were reported here on Saturday. Even more worrying is the fact that 413 infected people have died in the meantime. The government has made it clear that there is no plan to end the lockdown despite all the protests. About 50,000 people have died from corona in Britain so far. Boris Johnson is under pressure to open up the country's school and business. But in view of death and increasing transition, he has refused to do so.

Conditions worse
in four US states The situation is getting worse in America. A record 1 lakh 28 thousand cases were reported on Friday. On Saturday, the figure dropped slightly to one lakh 26 thousand. The death toll had also risen to a thousand. So many deaths for the fourth day in a row. More than a million cases have now been reported in the United States alone. The U.S. Department of Health is concerned that more than 100,000 cases have been reported for the sixth day in a row. The death toll has risen to more than 2.35 million. The transition is spreading rapidly to Maine, Iowa, Colorado and Minnesota.

A man wearing a face shield in New York Times Square on Saturday. For the eighth day in a row, more than a million cases were reported in the United States on Saturday. New President-elect Joe Biden said his first priority would be to develop an effective strategy against the Corona. If we reach out to the Corona, the economy will be the same.

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Night curfew in
Italy 38 thousand cases were reported in Italy on Friday. In the midst of all this, the government has imposed a night curfew. People have been told that if they do not comply, they may even go to jail with fines. What is special is that the number of cases in Italy is increasing every day.  Lombardy, which was the epicenter of the transition in March-April, reported 9934 cases.

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