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Sunday, 8 November 2020

Trump to break 124-year-old tradition; Media fears: Biden will not be greeted in presidential concession speech

US Election: Trump to break 124-year-old tradition; Media fears: Biden will not be greeted in presidential concession speech

The picture of the outcome after the presidential election in America is almost clear. President Donald Trump is losing. Democratic candidate Joe Biden's victory is in the offing. More than a century has passed. It is a tradition in America that the losing candidate greets the winning candidate, which is called a concession or farewell speech.

Bitterness and controversial rhetoric between the two candidates have crossed all boundaries in this election. Manipulated as a family and personally. There is talk in the American media that this time the tradition of concession or farewell speech will be broken. Trump may not even wish Biden victory.

The 1896 Missal
Concession or Farewell Speech has been repeated twice. Often done only once. This has been the tradition since 1896. At the time there was a confrontation between Williams Jennings Brian and William McKenley. Brian lost, but after the defeat McKinley was greeted by a telegram. This may have happened before, but evidence of this exists. Hillary Clinton won by popular vote. Lost by electoral vote, but he heartily congratulated Trump for the victory.

Why the fear of breaking tradition?
Let us look at two recent examples. The extent to which Trump and Bide fired controversial arrows at each other during the campaign. They are corrupt themselves and the whole family. They have made a deal to sell America to China. Biden is looking calm, but that was not the case during the campaign. Biden said Trump does not deserve to be president. He is a businessman, he was also doing business on Corona. 

McCain's 'Gold Concession Speech'
 Became the first African-American president. "Listen to the voice of the American people," McCain said in his condolence speech. This is for you. Senator Obama will now be our President. We both love this country. I wish Obama's grandmother could see history unfold. Our differences were and will be. I congratulate them for being the voice of the people of the country. 
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Three examples

Hillary Clinton: Accept the verdict and build the future, we sincerely consider her our President.

Mitt Romney: We can't see ourselves divided. 
John Kerry: No one wins the US election. The next morning we were just Americans. Ending the spirit of anger and protest.

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