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Friday, 18 December 2020

A young woman from Rajkot quits her job as a computer operator and becomes an expert in making tandoori tea.

Today's Positive Story:A young woman from Rajkot quits her job as a computer operator and becomes an expert in making tandoori tea.

Talking to the family about making a tea kettle created an atmosphere in the house as if there was an earthquake

Dreamed of building a tea restaurant, but started from the cabin as the financial condition of the house was poor

In today's age women have become more inclusive than men. Every field is running smoothly. From driving rickshaws to standing on their own two feet and helping the family, women are also seen as CEOs in big companies.

 A young woman has also become self-sufficient in the business of selling tea, which is dominated by men. G .. Yes .. In Rangeela Rajkot, a young woman named Ruksana Hussain is running a tea kettle called 'The Chaywali'. Ruksana has studied up to 12th standard.

 The latter started a job as a computer operator in the sub-registrar's office, but quit that job and started a tea kettle. Expert Ruksa in making tandoori tea has become self-sufficient by doing more than 1 thousand rupees daily.

Ruksana is also supporting the family today by selling tea.

Ruksana, who is currently earning Rs 15,000 and became self-sufficient , had a salary of only Rs 4,000 when she was working as a computer operator. It was also difficult for Ruksana to cover the house expenses in this salary. At present, there is a counter of 1 thousand rupees in the tea kettle every day. Ruksa makes a net profit of Rs 500 a day in a tea kettle, earning Rs 15,000 a month and becoming self-reliant and an inspiration to other women.

People come from far and wide to drink Ruksana tea.

Ruksana, who made tea at home from an early age , told Divyabhaskar that she started working as a computer operator in the sub-registrar's office after passing Std-12. Although I used to make tea at home from a very young age and all my tea drinkers were praising me, I wanted to start a good and big tea restaurant, but due to the financial situation at home this was not possible so I decided to open a cabin on the road. .

The unique flavor comes from making and serving tea in the kuldi.

The family who initially

refused is now appreciative. Ruksana further said, "As soon as I talked to my family members, including my father, who lives in Amreli, about this idea, it was as if an earthquake had struck the house and the girl sat on the lorry."

 Even on the tea truck, do you know what kind of people come? Many such questions were raised, but I had to make my dream come true in any case, which I started this truck despite the opposition of the family and in a few days after showing unexpected success, now my family is also praising my decision.

Ruksana wants to start a chain called The Chaywali in a different city.

Consumer support is increasing day by day.

Initially, only half a liter of milk tea was sold daily, but due to the unexpected support of the customers, five liters of milk tea was sold every day in a short time.

 Currently 10 liters of milk tea is being made. Ruksana also said that it was her dream to set up a brand called 'Chaywali' like T-Post in the near future. Ruksana also called on all women to leave false shame and move forward to fulfill their dreams. Ruksana's customers are also heartily applauding her courage.

Not only men but also women come to drink Ruksana tea.

Ruksana's tandoori tea has become a specialty
. If we talk about the method of making tea, Ruksana tea makes tea with its own secret spice. When a customer comes, he heats it in a kuldi. The hot pot is then placed in a brass vessel, and as soon as the tea is poured into it, the eruptions begin to fall into the brass vessel.

 Due to this process, the earthy taste in the tea blends wonderfully, which makes the tea taste anero. Ruksa politely refuses to parcel out any of his customers as he needs to go to Larry to drink his tea because of this process.

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Lockdown after increasing the number of customers

ruksana Hussain said the tea business was launched in 2018. Initially, there was no support from the family. The family did not allow me to do this business. I used to work so they refused me, but gradually the family started liking my work and now they are happy too.

 After the lockdown, there is a huge crowd. There are about a thousand counters every day. Ruksana was already fond of making tea kettles

Tandoori tea has a smoky flavor
Tandoori tea gives a smoky flavor. The clay pots are first heated in the kiln. The tea is then boiled and poured into a cod and given to the customer, giving it a smoky flavor.

Speaking of this idea, I was already fond of making tea kettles, so I have fulfilled my dream by making tea kettles. Either way I just wanted to make a tea kettle.

applaud the work. Ruksana further said that as a girl I make tea and if men come to drink tea, people have never made me feel like a girl makes tea. All my customers are very good and encourage me.

 My customer says you have done a very good job showing the way to give courage to other women. Currently I open my kettle at 5.30pm and keep it open until 9pm.

Customers come from far and wide to drink tea
Ruksana started its small cabin near Hemu Gadhvi Hall on the auspicious day of Dussehra two years ago and in just a few days people have started coming here from far and wide to taste the tea with Ruksana tea. Not only that, the customers who have tasted this wonderful tea have also started advertising Chaiwali on social media.

 With the help of earthenware and a few brass utensils as well as his own secret spice, Ruksa's tea adds a flavor that is slowly gaining traction.

Daughter makes tea
organically : Customer Mansukhbhai said that I come here every day to drink tea. I have been drinking tea here for a month and a half. The daughter keeps it clean and the tea tastes just as clean and tasty. Daughter makes tea absolutely nice.

 Talking about the specialty of tea, the daughter makes tea organically. I would say that this is very good about a daughter making tea. The step taken by the daughter to become self-reliant and self-sufficient is commendable. It is a matter of pride that the daughter earns her own living.

I come here to drink tea because the tea taste is good:
Charmiben Parmar, a female customer , said, "I really like that there is a ladies tea kettle in Rajkot." There is a negative point in people's minds that only gents can do tea business. The number of gents increases if a ladies run a tea business, but that is not the case.

 We like the positive idea that the sister counsels the person who comes to drink tea. Right now we encourage it. We want to bring such an understanding to the people that no work is small or big.

 I have been drinking tea here for a year and a half. I come here to drink tea as the tea tastes good. Among them, the tandoori tea here is highly praised and its taste is also very good.

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