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Saturday, 19 December 2020

Amma teaches recipes in Jaunpuria estimation, millions of subscribers on YouTube, earning 50 thousand rupees a month

Today's positive news:Amma teaches recipes in Jaunpuria estimation, millions of subscribers on YouTube, earning 50 thousand rupees a month
New Delhi44 minutes agoAuthor: Vikas Verma

Recipes videos have 43 million views on Shashikala Chaurasia's YouTube channel 'Amma Ki Thali' in Jaunpur, UP

Shashikala's three sons help make the video; One son watches the shooting, another the editing and a third the channel operations

Today's story is of Shashikala Chaurasia, a resident of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Shashikala, 46, shares a variety of recipes on her YouTube channel in a special Jaunpuria estimate and in simple language. His YouTube channel 'Amma Ki Thali' has 1.37 million subscribers. While 22 videos uploaded to his channel have over 1 million views.

Shashikala's three videos have over 5 million views. His video on making semolina rose purple has 43 million views. He also has more than 10 million views on videos of sponge rasgulla, chickpea flour laddu, cabbage kofta, rose jambu, carrot halva. Today, Shashikala is earning an average of Rs 50,000 per month from her YouTube channel through her cooking skills.

His eldest son Chandan plays an important role in the operations of Shashikala's YouTube channel. The second son Suraj is in charge of video editing and the youngest son Pankaj is in charge of video recording.

When Geo was launched, the idea of ​​bringing Amma Hunner to YouTube came up.

Chandan says, Amma always made very tasty meals. At the festival of Teej, everyone appreciated the food he prepared. 

Reliance Jio SIM was launched in September 2016. Gamegam began to reach high speed internet. The number of YouTube video viewers also began to grow. One day while eating I thought why not make a video of Amma making a meal and put it on YouTube.

We created our own YouTube channel on November 8, 2017. We call our mother Amma so thought why not name the channel Amma Ki Thali.

We kept making videos for 6 months, but there was no significant increase in views or the number of subscribers. Then on May 31, 2018, we made and uploaded a video on how to make mango pickles. We got a very good response to this video. At that time we had barely 3000 subscribers, which increased to 1 lakh in three months. Then that streak continued and today our channel has 1.37 million, i.e. 13 lakh 70 thousand subscribers.

Meeting the Gold Play Button is a memorable moment in life, now the preparation of the Diamond Play Button

says Shashikala - We got the Silver Play Button from YouTube in December 2018. With 1 million subscribers in February 2020, we got the gold play button. 

The day we got the gold play button was the happiest day for our family. Now our goal is to reach the Diamond Play button with 10 million subscribers. We are constantly working hard for this.

Shashikala's husband Kailashnath Chaurasia has a small sweet shop in Jaunpur. Now he has shifted to Benaras with his three sons.

The recipe for cabbage kofta, ladu and mango pickles he made was unique, says Shashikala. This was not the first such recipe on any YouTube channel, so their videos were so popular.

 However now many people have made and uploaded videos of these recipes. He says he learned the art of cooking from his mother Shanti Devi. While the weakness in Swabhal is due to the sacraments of father Kanaiyalal Chaurasia.

Chandan says we have 1.1 million followers on our Facebook page, while there are 2.12 million followers on our Instagram page. Our TikTalk account had 3 million followers in just 6 months.

 We were getting an average of 20 million views a day there, but our account was also shut down in June 2020 after Tiktok was banned in India.

Starting from mobile, now preparing for studio setup,

Chandan's father Kailashnath Chaurasia has a small sweet shop in Jaunpur. The three brothers, including Chandan, and their mother have now shifted to Benares.

 "Initially we were shooting video from a MI Note-4 mobile and doing temporary editing on an old laptop," says Chandan.

As subscribers and earnings increased, we picked up a new DSLR camera, editing software, and a new laptop. We currently make 5 videos per week and have uploaded over 450 videos so far.

 Soon we are preparing to set up a studio, where we will be able to record recipe videos more systematically. Then Amma will also be seen on the screen.

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