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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Brainly – The Free Learning App – Access the India’s Best Learning Community.

Need Help Learning the tough subject?

1. 150M+ unique users monthly
2. Experts providing explanation
3. thousands of moderators
4. 35+ countries
5. 50M+ answered questions

As well as Science, History, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology ,Sanskrit and many more. Ace your NCERT, CBSE, ICSE & State Board exams with Brainly. 

1. Free Homework Help – Brainly is 100% free of charge!
2. 24/7 Learning Help – Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime.
3. Superfast, Homework Answers and Explanations – Questions are answered within minutes & monitored by moderators.
4. Share Your Knowledge – Earn points and gain ranks by helping other students

Homework Help

All the answers are verified by our experts for all subjects like Hindi, Math, History, English, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry. As well as Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, India Languages, Foreign Languages, Art and Music, Science, Economy, Political Science, Sociology, Business Studies, Psychology and Accountancy. All of that and more, for 

1. NCERT Solutions
2. RD Sharma (Maths)
3. H.C.Verma (Physics)
4. R.S.Aggarwal (Maths)
5. Lakhmir Singh (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
6. D. K. Goel (accountancy)
7. T.R. Jain and V.K. Ohri (Economy)
8. T.S. Grewal (Accountancy)

Ace your Exams!

The free learning app – Brainly, beyond the School and Class 10 & Class 12 Board Exams like CBSE, ICSE. 

1.Engineering Entrance Exams (JEE Mains and JEE Advanced (IITs, IIITs and NITs))
2.Medical Entrance Exams (NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER)
3. CPT (Common Proficiency Test), Certified Management Accountant Exam (CMA), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
4. NTSE and other national and international olympiads like NSO (National Science Olympiad) and IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)
6. IBPS, RRB, SBI Clerical/ PO and other Banking Exams
7. SSC, UPSC, and other State public service commission exams.

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