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Saturday, 19 December 2020

Corona cases cross 1 crore in India

The total number of patients infected with corona virus in India has crossed 1 crore. With this, India ranks second in the list of 220 countries and islands in the world with the highest number of infected people. America is in the first place.

 It took 290 days for the number of infected patients in the US to reach 10 million, while in India it took 324 days to reach that figure.

Of course, so far so good. Now we are giving you information about the current situation .....

India ranks 9th in terms of active cases

Even though India ranks second after the United States in the number of infected cases, we are currently in a better position than many other countries in the world.

 The actual number of patients we have there is now barely 3.05 lakh. This is an active patient who is undergoing treatment in a hospital or home isolation. The remaining 95.41 per cent infected patients have recovered. Of course 1.45 per cent are patients who have lost their lives due to infection.

There are 2 crore exit patients in the world. The highest number of 6 million active patients are in the US, 21 million in France, 7 million in Brazil, 6.67 million in Belgium, 5.09 million in Russia, 3.68 million in Ukraine, 3.35 million in Germany and 3.05 million in India.

 About 95.41 per cent of the patients have recovered so far. In Brazil, 87 percent, in Russia, 79.6 percent, and in the United States, 58.4 percent have recovered from the disease. The worst situation is in France. Only 7.5 per cent of the patients have recovered so far.

The second wave of corona in the world's major countries, the

number of cases in India decreased Corona patients worldwide has reached more than 7.41 million. The death toll is 16 lakh. Analyzing Corona's graph, an average of 3 lakh patients were growing every day worldwide till September. Now every day more than 6 lakh patients are increasing.

The second wave of Corona has started in 57 countries including USA, Brazil, France, Russia. The greatest impact has been seen in the countries of North America, Europe. There are 30 countries in Europe where the second wave has already started. 11 countries in North America, 7 in Africa, 5 in Asia and 4 in South Africa are in the second wave.

 In India, the opposite is happening. The number of cases here is declining, which means that the number of people recovering is higher than the number of new cases we find there every day.

India has so far accounted for 1.45 per cent of patient deaths.

 1.45 lakh people have lost their lives here so far. The death rate in India is 1.45 per cent.

 In the United States, 3.19 million, or 1.81 percent, have died. So far, 2.62 percent of patients have died in Brazil, 9.08 percent in Mexico and 3.52 percent in Italy. In terms of population, the number of deaths in India is much lower than other countries.

 There are 104 deaths per 1 million population, compared to 937 in the United States, 857 in Brazil and 888 in Mexico.

The number of tests in

India has stabilized . Only 11.11 per cent of the people tested here. In the United States, 65.77 percent of the population is diagnosed.

 1.13 lakh tests are being conducted for every 10 lakh population in India. Of these, 6.77 lakh are being tested in the US, 1.20 lakh in Brazil, 4 lakh in Italy and 7.12 lakh in the UK.

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