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Wednesday, 16 December 2020


Unit testing is a method of software testing in which the smallest parts (which we call units) of the software application are tested.

The main objective of this testing is to mak

Earlier adhoc tools were used to test units, but nowadays frameworks (Java Framework, .Net Framework and PHP Framework etc.) are used to test units.

Unit tests are written and performed by developers and the WHITE BOX TESTING method is used to do this.

The thing to remember here is that ”

This testing is very effective as most defects are identified by its use.


Generally unit testing is done after integration testing.

Advantage of unit testing in hindi: –
Unit testing has the following advantages: –
1: – Through this testing, we find defects and bugs in the software only in the early stages, later it becomes very difficult to find defects and bugs.

2: -This testing makes the coding process more effective and agile (agile) so that we can add more and more features to the software.

3: -When we do unit testing, we need less manual testing. Anyway, manual testing is very boring and expensive.

4: – Through this testing, we can improve the design of the software without breaking it.

5: -When we detect bugs in advance, it saves our time and cost.

6: -This increases the efficiency of testing code and it becomes easy to maintain.

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