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Friday, 11 December 2020

Early morning rains in Ahmedabad, Mavthu, Saurashtra, Surat; Fifty-two inches of rain in Una following the Western Disturbances

Non-seasonal rainfall in the state: Early morning rains in Ahmedabad, Mavthu, Saurashtra, Surat; Fifty-two inches of rain in Una following the Western Disturbances

Roads in Khambha got wet due to unseasonal rains.

Cloudy weather was also seen in Rajkot, Amreli, Jamnagar, Dwarka
Rains lashed Khambha Panth, Gariadhar, Talaja and Mahuva received showers.

Following the Western Disturbance, late night as well as early morning, Vejalpur, Thaltej, S.G. It rained in Highway, CTM, Jamalpur, Kankaria area. On the other hand, areas like Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Surat, Vadodara in the state were lashed by rains. In Nagher panth of Junagadh, the weather was cloudy since morning and in the afternoon, the sky was overcast with black debong clouds.

In the afternoon in Saurashtra, black debong clouds surrounded the sky.

Rains also lashed Central Gujarat and
Vadodara in the late evening. As the rainy weather prevailed, the whole atmosphere became cold. Markets closed early following the rains. On the other hand, farmers in Bharuch district are also worried about the rainy weather. Concerns among farmers have resurfaced over the possibility of damage to standing crops.

Rains in rural areas of
Khambha Non-seasonal rains fell in rural areas including Dedan, Khadadhar, Borala, Chakrava of Khambha. Farmers are worried about unseasonal rains. The monsoon fodder, which is exposed to the rains, is also feared to be soaked. The city of Khamba was also lashed by rains. The cold snap in Saurashtra has eased today and people are also frustrated by the blizzard.

Fifty-two inches of rain in Una
was feared to damage the rabi crop. Apart from this, in rural areas of the taluka including Delwada, Sankhada, Samter, Khatriwada, Kanakbarda, Motha, Girgarhda, there is a fear of extensive damage to cumin, chickpea, onion, wheat, mango, cotton and millet crops due to half an inch of rain. On the one hand, the people are suffering from the Koro epidemic and on the other hand, the unseasonal rains are hitting the country hard. At that time, a glorious atmosphere is being witnessed in the entire city. City roads were flooded in Una city in two hours due to heavy rains.

Rains lashed many parts of
Surat Late Wednesday night and Thursday evening in different parts of Surat. Rains lashed different parts of the city after 6 pm on Thursday, including in Adajan, Vesu, City Light, Canal Road, Varachha, Udhana and Pandesara areas. People had trouble.

While the proportion of cold clouds
in Vadodara city in western disturbance was cloudy weather Thursday, while rain was splashing in the city till late evening and night. When the city was suddenly clouded in the afternoon, the cold was reduced. On the other hand, the sunset on December 10 was 17:53, but as the clouds began to darken at 5 pm, Thursday fell half an hour earlier, while at 6 pm it was dark.

Mawtha hits winter crop The weather in
Bhavnagar city and some parts of the district changed in the afternoon and unseasonal rains fell on farmers in the evening. The sons of the earth, who had earlier suffered heavy rains in the monsoon crop, have now been hit by Mawtha in the winter crop. The afternoon heat also disappeared in the atmosphere from this Mawtha and the temperature dropped by 2 degrees centigrade in the afternoon. Apart from Bhavnagar city, villages and taluka centers including Jessore, Bhandaria, Talaja, Gariadhar, Gundarana, Dihor also received non-seasonal rains. Light drizzles rained down from the drizzle.

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The dim atmosphere of a 13th
meteorologist Face Patel said that the western part of the disturbance, the effect will change the atmosphere between 10 and 13 December. Western Disturbances will reach the Indo-Pakistan border around December 11. The mid-level turf associated with the Western Disturbances will extend to the North Arabian Sea, with the effect of drawing moisture from the Arabian Sea, leading to cloudy or cloudy weather in many parts of the state, including Vadodara, between 10 and 13 December.

Cloudy weather in Rajkot, Amreli
was forecast by the meteorological department under the influence of Western Disturbances. Seasonal rains in many parts of Bhavnagar city have caused chill in the atmosphere. The weather in Gariadhar, Talaja and Mahuva changed and drizzle fell amidst cloudy weather. Cloudy weather was also seen in Rajkot, Jamnagar, Amreli, Dwarka.

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