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Saturday, 19 December 2020

In Gujarat, the cold mercury will fall even more, if you are thinking of going for a walk on Christmas, know how cold it will be?

In Gujarat, the cold mercury will fall even more, if you are thinking of going for a walk on Christmas, know how cold it will be?

Snowfall in northern India has affected the temperature in Gujarat. Gujarat is experiencing cold snap with northeast winds. The cold in Naliya in the state on Thursday has broken the record of the last 10 years. The minimum temperature recorded in Naliya today was 2.5 degrees.

 This is the first time since 2010 that December has seen such a low temperature. The first record-breaking cold snap in December was recorded on December 11, 1964 at 0.6 degrees Celsius. Which has been an all time record break. The minimum temperature in Naliya has dropped to 6 degrees Celsius as compared to yesterday.

In Gujarat, the sudden onset of cold has crushed the growing population. People are wearing warm sweaters and mufflers to protect the citizens from the cold. Not only that, people are also enjoying hot soup. People have also been seen exercising in the gardens with their friends and family. 

The maximum temperature in Ahmedabad city falls below 10 degrees Celsius in December, mostly according to the statistics of the last 10 years. According to the meteorological department, the city has been experiencing cold spells since December 22.

According to the meteorological department, there will be cold wave in some parts of Saurashtra-Kutch during the next two days. There will be no change in temperature in other cities of the state.

 Not only that, the temperature in the state will rise in the next two days. Which will cause a slight decrease in cold. The state has been experiencing cold snap for the last four days after unseasonal rains. Suddenly the minimum temperature dropped to 5 degrees. 

The temperature in Ahmedabad has been falling continuously for two days. Ahmedabad city recorded a low of 17.1 degrees on Tuesday, which has dropped to 4 degrees in four days. On the other hand, people are shivering even on a day when the maximum temperature is lower than normal. Citizens have started wearing warm clothes during the day.

If we talk about the cold of December last year, the minimum temperature recorded in Naliya on December 28 was 3.6 degrees. Ahmedabad had the lowest temperature of 10.2 degrees Celsius in December last year. Apart from this, a record-breaking cold snap occurred in Ahmedabad on December 27, 1983. The temperature was recorded at 3.6 degrees on this day.

Find out how cold it is in Bhavnagar

As winter begins to show its true mood, cold winds have swept Bhavnagar due to cold northeast winds. The lowest temperature of the season was recorded at 13.5 degrees. With the minimum mercury dropping to 2.1 degrees in 24 hours, the townspeople experienced bone-chilling cold.

The minimum mercury has been falling steadily since the beginning of the month. In Bhavnagar, the mercury dropped by 13.5 degrees and gusts of 14 kmph were experienced by the people. As the evening wore on, it was easy. Coldwave is affecting children, the sick, the elderly.

 Demand for beverages like hot tea, coffee, wounds increased. There was a bang on the tea lorries. Even during the day he was forced to wear warm clothes. The mercury could drop further as the cold snap spread across the state. Humidity rose to 64 percent at night.

The number of walkers in Joggers Park increased

With the onset of winter in Bhavnagar, the number of health lovers coming for early morning and evening walks at the city's Joggers Park has increased. Bhavnagar Uni.

 Outside the field, the number of walkers has increased in Atabhai Chowk as well as in Pilgarden. In Pilgard, the little ones are swaying and swaying. So people are enjoying the drink called Ghavo found in the city circles.

Spontaneous curfew in the city in the evening

In Bhavnagar, people were crushed by the severe cold wave. Had to resort to heat. So the demand for hot drinks like tea, coffee, wounds increased.

 Late in the evening the city fell into disrepair. It was as if a spontaneous curfew had been imposed. People avoided going out without work. The mercury is expected to go down further as the cold snap sweeps across the state.

Find out how cold it is in Kutch

The weather in Kutch has been getting colder for the last few days. Kutch is chilly due to cold winds following snowfall in northern India.

 The maximum temperature recorded in major cities of Kutch was 25.8 degrees in Naliya while the minimum was 2.5 degrees, maximum 25.7 degrees and minimum 9 degrees in Kandla Airport, maximum 26.2 degrees in Bhuj and minimum 10.2 degrees and maximum 25.1 degrees and minimum 12.5 degrees in Kandla Port.

The Kutchis do not go out of the house except for work as they feel freezing cold. The markets sound dull. In rural areas, people are often seen warming themselves in the square or on the street outside their homes. According to the meteorological department, this type of weather is likely to continue for weeks.

On the other hand, the farmers, who were hoping to get a significant yield in Ravipak, were also happy with the severe cold.

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