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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Not a film story is a fact: Aliens live on Earth, have agreements with Israel and America

Not a film story is a fact: Aliens live on Earth, have agreements with Israel and America

Scientists have been investigating for years whether there are living beings (aliens) anywhere except Earth. There are also claims of the presence of aliens. A similar claim was made by Israeli space security expert Haim Eshd. Haim said in an interview with an Israeli newspaper that aliens live on Earth. These aliens have agreements with the US and Israel, according to which no one has to talk about their presence.

Discuss this claim around the world

Professor Haim has been Israel’s chief of space security for 20 years (191 to 2010). So while this claim may seem ridiculous at first glance, it is being debated all over the world. Haim said the organization of these aliens is called the Galactic Federation and they live underground on Mars in addition to Earth.


Trump was to reveal the details of the aliens

He said US President Trump knew about it and was about to divulge details of the aliens. The aliens believe that people on Earth may panic if their presence is known. So let us stay low-profile. The aliens have entered into an agreement with the US government to allow them to perform certain types of experiments on Earth. The way our scientists go to the space station and experiment.


Hyam’s claim may be true, but it is a fact that the US government regularly investigates satellites. In August, the US Department of Defense ordered an investigation into the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). An UFO is considered to be an alien plane or vehicle that is not flown on Earth. The United States has conducted such investigations several times in the past.

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