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Thursday, 17 December 2020

One more teacher recruitment scam

One more teacher recruitment scam:Nine teachers who were not on merit were recruited in Nadiad ten years ago, complaint against the then education officer Bamania

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Kheda district has been dubbed as an education hub. But one teacher recruitment scam after another is coming out in the district. After the bogus sports certificate, cripple certificate in the last year, the recruitment of teachers who are no longer in merit has started. A complaint has been lodged against the then District Primary Education Officer.

A scandal has come out that nine more teachers were bogusly recruited in the recruitment of primary teachers in Kheda district in 2009. Based on the complaint, three officers were investigated by the state government. In the report of this investigation, the then District Pvt. Education Officer K.N. Bamania revealed that as many as nine teachers were recruited even though they were not on merit. As such, orders were issued to take action against them. Following this order, District Pvt. Education Officer Kamlesh Patel handed over the case to Nadiad West Police Station to the then Primary Education Officer K.N. Has lodged a complaint against Bamania. Based on the complaint, the police have launched an investigation. However, according to police, a statement will still be taken in the complaint. An official FIR will be filed after this statement.

K.N. Bamania retired in 2014. In
Kheda district in 2009, the then primary education officer K.N. Bamania retired in 2014. Where do they live now The police have sought necessary documents from the government in this regard.

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