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Friday, 18 December 2020

Ranbasera has to line up to sleep; Said- There is so much aggression inside that even cold water can't spoil anything

Even at a temperature of 4 Celsius, farmers struggle:Ranbasera has to line up to sleep; Said- There is so much aggression inside that even cold water can't spoil anything
New Delhi4 hours ago

Farmers who have been busy in agitation all day are sleeping under the sky. A bone-chilling wind is blowing, but don't worry. All sleeping together, as if there was no fear. Sleep without worries wants to show that victory is certain.

Thousands of farmers are forced to spend the night in the freezing cold on the roads, many have died so far from the cold

The farmer is resolute even though the cold is shivering. Neither the government nor the cold can shake it. Farmers were shaken after the suicide of Sant Baba Ram Singh on Wednesday evening. The families of the farmers are upset. As soon as this kind of incident happens, the phone rings. The wind was blowing at a temperature of 4 degrees and a speed of 12 km per hour.

 At 11 o'clock at night everything was off work and getting ready for bed. When the Khalsa reached the Ranbasera of Ed, a long line was formed outside. All these people came here to sleep.

 Talking to Anmol Singh, a farmer standing here, he said, "I have been standing in line for an hour to get a place to sleep and a blanket."

If it gets full, you have to spend the night under a trolley. Going inside, I saw that more than 200 farmers were sleeping. There was a tent above the roof and a sheet on the ground below. Blankets were found to cover the body and their belongings were kept in polythene. Farmer Harpreet Singh, who came back here, was asked how he stayed in such cold weather.

 He said, "We are in heaven. Go out and see how this government has forced our brothers to spend the night." When I got out of here, I saw that there were still people in the side.

This picture is of Delhi's Kundli Border. In the bone-chilling cold, the farmer was seen bathing in the open, sniffing snacks and eating.

He further said that it takes a number to take a bath at night, because if the number does not come here, one has to take a bath with cold water like ice in the cold on the road outside. We were shocked if we went on the road from here. Older, younger women and children were sleeping on a large blanket all the way.

 Someone was sleeping on the small seat of the tractor while someone was trying to sleep by putting a bed under the trolleys. Some even made a bed inside the trolley.

Harpal Singh, a farmer from Punjab, was trying to sleep under a trolley. Talked to him and said, I have been trying to sleep for a long time, but I can't sleep. 

We said- can't sleep because of cold? So the farmer replied, what a cool thing when the government has taken a stand against it.

 The wife is sick at home and there is no medicine. I told him on the phone, come home, he replied, even if I die, don't come back without winning. Going a little further from here, some farmers were heating.

After being tired all day, the farmers go to bed where they can find space.

Talking to him, he said, there are more people in the trolley, that's why half of the people sleep till midnight. Then comes the second number.

 Until the rest of the comrades spend the night by the fire. Going further from here I saw a farmer talking on the phone and got emotional. Talking to him after he hung up the phone, he said that he has received 10 calls from home so far.

Whenever someone dies here the news reaches the people of the house and they start to worry. Repeatedly calls and asks if I'm okay. The people in the house are worried about me, because I have had a heart attack before, the medicine is running which is over. 

Three people have died of heart attacks here. That's why people in the house worry. They were bathing in the open cold water outside a petrol pump about a km away from the stage. Talking to him, he said, cold can only kill cold and there is so much anger inside us that even this cold water can't spoil anything.

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