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Saturday, 9 January 2021

10 children killed by negligence

10 children killed by negligence:Maharashtra fire tragedy witness nurse says Newborn unit was full of smoke, no staff present

A fire broke out at a government hospital in Maharashtra's Bhandara district on Saturday morning, killing 10 newborns. The incident took place at the Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU). 

Initially the hospital administration is held responsible for this incident. There were 17 children in the ward, 7 of whom have been rescued.

According to Pramod Khandate, medical officer of the hospital, the accident took place around 2 pm late at night. Smoke was billowing from the Newborn unit.

The nurse opened the door and saw smoke billowing into the ward. He immediately informed the senior doctors. Employees began evacuating the children, but by then 10 innocents had died. 7 children have been rescued. They have been shifted to another ward.

This picture is of the ward where 10 children died. Traces of fire are clearly visible.

Evidence of hospital negligence

The nurse on duty said there was smoke when the door to the Sick Newborn Care Unit was opened at 2 p.m. This makes it clear that there was no staff before this.

According to media reports, the bodies of some of the children turned black, which means that the fire had already started, the staff was not aware of this.

The Sick Newborn Care Unit has one doctor and 4 to 5 nurses on duty at night. Where were these people at the time of the incident?

The cause of the fire is said to be a short circuit. Electronics is the rule of inspection of devices. Then how did the fire start?

Some family members allege that they have not been allowed to see the children for 10 days. As a rule, the mother of the child can go there for feeding.

Why was no smoke detector installed in the ward? This would have given the information of the fire earlier and saved the lives of the children.

 District Collector Sandeep Kadam, SP Vasant Jadhav, ASP Aniket Bharti, District Surgeon Dr.

 Pramod Khanda is present at the scene. Health Day. Director Sanjay Jaiswal has also left Nagpur for Bhandara. Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that this is a very unfortunate incident. 

Children who die of suffocation will not be autopsied. We will find out the reason behind the incident and take strict action against the culprits.

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