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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

1.23 crore people will be vaccinated by July

Gujarat's preparations for vaccination:16,000 health workers will be stationed at 40,000 booths and 1.23 crore people will be vaccinated by July

The vaccinated person will be kept at the vaccination booth for 1 hour

Vaccination will start immediately after the permission of the central government and will start around January 14 as per the date announced by the center.

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 First, the vaccine will be given to 4.31 lakh health workers in the state, covering doctors, nursing staff, paramedical staff, technicians, ward boys and nurses working in both public and private hospitals.

 This is followed by 6.93 lakh government employees including revenue, police, local self-government i.e. corporations, municipalities and panchayats who are working as frontline workers.

 Then 1.03 crore people of priority group-1 who are above 50 years of age and then 2.67 lakh people of priority group-2 who are under 50 years of age but have other diseases will be vaccinated.

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The government will provide the vaccine free of cost to every citizen with two doses every 28 days. But to get this vaccine, it will be mandatory for the person to register on the portal e-VIN developed by the central government, if there is no registration here, no vaccine will be available.

 The vaccine will not be available for children at present, but only for adults. After the successful outcome of the trial, the children will be vaccinated as per the guidelines prepared by the Central Government.

 The government will monitor every vaccinated person for half an hour at the vaccination booth to ensure that there are no side effects. In addition, if they find any problem after going home, they can call the health helpline number immediately so that they can be treated immediately.

 The rest of the government will make all arrangements to maintain social distance and hygiene at the vaccination booths. Work will be done in such a way that there is no crowd and everyone who comes to get the vaccine can sit and wait. 

Each person will be informed of the address of the vaccination booth on their registered number by message of the date and time of vaccination and they will have to be present with their certified identity card along with the device where the message came from.

This is how the vaccine will be given ...

The vaccine will first be given to doctors, nursing staff, paramedical staff, technicians, ward boys and nurses working in 4.31 lakh private-government hospitals.

Later 6.93 lakh government employees including revenue, police, local self government, corporation, municipality, panchayat employees will be vaccinated.

Thereafter, 1.03 crore senior citizens above the age of 50 years will be vaccinated.

Finally, 2.67 lakh patients under the age of 50 will be vaccinated against diabetes, blood pressure and cancer.

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The message will
inform the person coming for vaccination with his registration number, address of the vaccination booth, date and time of vaccination. He will have to carry an identity card and a message.

Gujarat government has set up a total of 40,000 vaccination booths in all 33 districts to vaccinate 16 lakh people in one day . Vaccination booths will be set up at government hospitals, district hospitals, civil hospitals, PHCs, UHCs, private hospitals, schools. A total of 16,000 vaccination staff have been trained. If we calculate an average of 100 in a day, if all the staff are engaged in vaccinating at the same time, 16 lakh people can be vaccinated in one day in Gujarat.

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