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Friday, 15 January 2021

13 killed in Corona vaccination in Norway

Pfizer shared death:13 killed in Corona vaccination in Norway, raising questions against Pfizer

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Pfizer corona vaccine has been given to 33,000 people in Norway so far
Side effects have been seen in 30 people after Pfizer vaccination

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Vaccination work has begun in many countries to combat the coronavirus, but in the meantime many questions are now being raised against the Pfizer vaccine, as 13 people have recently died in Norway due to the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine. 

Corona virus vaccination has started in Norway 4 days after the New Year celebrations. So far, 33,000 people in the country have been vaccinated against corona. According to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, so far 29 people have been diagnosed with corona vaccination and 13 have died.

Side effects were seen in 29 people
, according to a report by the Russian news agency Sputnik, the Norwegian Medicines Agency said 29 people had side effects. While 23 people have died so far after vaccination, it is being linked to vaccination. However, only 13 of these patients have been examined so far. The agency's medical director, Steiner Madsen, told the country's national broadcaster NRK that nine out of 13 people had serious side effects.

Director Steiner Madsen, who died at the age of more than 80 , said the investigation found that most of those who died were living in nursing homes and were frail and elderly. The dead were over 80 years old and some of them were even over 90 years old. Some people complained of fever and shortness of breath after the vaccine. His condition then worsened and, in the end, he died.

Not concerned with side
effects The administration has told Madsen that such cases are very rare and thousands of people have been vaccinated without any side effects. Thus, people who have died may be considered to have suffered from a heart-related illness, dementia, or some other serious illness.

He further said that the administration is not concerned with the case of side effects confirmed so far. It is clear that the risk of the vaccine is much lower than in some sick people or allergic people.

The vaccine will be given only after a one-on-one examination. In
Norway, nine patients with severe side effects of the vaccine were found to have allergic reactions, shortness of breath and fever. The other 7 patients who showed side effects had severe pain at the injection site. 

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The Norwegian Medicines Agency then told officials to thoroughly examine the person before administering the vaccine. If they have a fever, respiratory or heart disease or allergy, they should be considered first and then vaccinated.

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