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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

15 killed as dumper overturns on sleeping family on footpath near Kim Char Rasta in Surat

 Before he knew it, the dumper called for help," said Kim.

Raju Mahida, the survivor of Kim's accident.

Daily Rs. Deaths of over 300 workers

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A tragic accident has taken place on Kim-Mandvi road in the seam of Palod village near Kim Char Rasta in Surat. A black dumper has caused an accident in which 15 people have been killed, including 5 injured. While the laborers who slept a little farther away have been rescued.

 These survivors have described painful testimony from a tragic accident. Raju Mahida, a survivor of the accident, said that before he knew it, the dumper came and called for help. I slept 25 feet away so survived.

Doing wage work and sleeping on the sidewalk at night.

Raju Devka Mahida (a young man who survived the accident), who works daytime and sleeps on the sidewalk at night, said the two brothers have been working with his wife for the past four years near Kim, leaving his parents in his home state of Rajasthan due to low wages. Labored during the day and slept on the sidewalk at night. Daily Rs. Wages ranged from 300 to three and a half hundred. Family members worked in masonry and demolition work and slept under the open sky at night in danger of their lives.

The speeding dumper turned on the workers again.

he knew it, Raju turned on the dumper. He further said that he was sleeping 25 feet away from his siblings with his wife Puri. Before anything could be understood at night, the truck came and called for help. People climbed on what was sleeping and then turned over the shops again. In which brother and sister are also injured.

The dumper caused blood clots at the scene.

Raju went to bed at 9:30 am , adding that he used to go to work at 8 am every day, take tiffins and return around 6 pm. Went to bed at 9.30 last night. However, it was not a dream at night that a black truck would take the lives of fellow workers.

More than 5 people were injured in the accident.

Raju Devka Mahida, a native of Devka village in Baswada, Rajasthan , was injured . He slept 25 feet away from his brother and sister-in-law. Raju's brother Kamlesh and sister-in-law Pinka have sustained serious head injuries. Raju Mahida's family owns 10 bighas of land in his hometown, in which crops including cotton, groundnut and wheat are grown. Parents handle agriculture.

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