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Friday, 8 January 2021

5G service may start in July

Technology in 2021:5G service may start in July, craze of e-sports will increase; The focus of the camera will be more on the video

What will 2021 look like for different sectors? We are telling you the opinion of a well-known expert about this. So far you have read articles from sectors like economy, education, jobs, politics, entertainment. Find out what's new in the field of technology in 2021 from Abhishek Tailang, popularly known as Tech Expert and Tech Guru today ...

2020 may be remembered for Covid-19 but in this epidemic people surrendered to technology. People learned to use apps to enhance virtual synergy. So digital payments made everyday expenses easier. 2021 will also prove to be a technology game changer. On the one hand where 5G can be launched, on the other hand wireless technology will make life easier. Let us know what changes will take place in the field of technology in 2021 ...

1. The country can get 5G speed
The wait for 5G is eagerly awaited in our country. 5G enabled smartphones are being launched in the country but there is still suspense as to when the service will start. 5G could be launched in 2021. The government will soon begin the process of allocating and auctioning 5G network spectrum. It is hoped that 5G testing will begin in selected circles in the country's metro city from April.

According to the plan, 5G will enter the selected circle of metro cities of the country from July-August. Reliance Jio has also announced 5G service in the second quarter of 2021 during the India Mobile Congress event. Digital content will benefit the most after the advent of 5G. The medical and industrial sectors will also benefit.

With the advent of 5G will come a revolution in internet speed. The download speed of 5G will increase 10 to 12 times compared to 4G. Currently the maximum 4G download speed in India is 33.3Mbps. While 5G download speed will be from 200 Mbps to 370 Mbps. Currently Saudi Arabia and South Korea are at the top in terms of 5G speeds.

Pubji Mobile was just an overview. Jalwa of e-sports is still pending. India is a huge market for the gaming world and its strength was seen during the lockdown in 2020. At that time, the number of downloaded and active users of games like Pubji almost quadrupled.

2. Mobile will become a playground

Pubji Mobile has been banned by the government, but companies are ready to invest millions of dollars in the Indian gaming industry for its comeback. Apart from Pubji, games like Fauji will also help the Indian gaming industry move forward. At the same time, companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel, Paytm have become involved in the e-sports business.

With the advent of 5G in 2021, the body of e-sports will change. Many people in small towns of the country will find their future in e-sports. There will also be employment opportunities. There will be plenty of opportunities for gamers, gamers, managers and game designers and developers as well.

3. Charger, Earphones Now Forget
Apple turned off the charger and earphones with its iPhone. This trend will be seen in every other flagship smartphone in 2021. Many companies, including Xiaomi and Samsung, have already announced the cuts. The reduction in e-waste across the smartphone industry is accompanied by an earnings strategy.

The industry is on its way to becoming completely wireless. Consumers are addicted to wireless earbuds. Now companies want you to get used to wireless chargers and wireless power banks.

4. Foldable smartphones will dominate

In the year 2020, many smartphone companies launched their own smartphones with their own folding screens. Most of these smartphones open like an old clam shell design or fold the screen like a book or have been found to have phones with strange dual screens. 

Now in the year 2021, there will be many designs in folding smartphones, including smartphones with rolling screens.

According to the design, the rollable screen will be better because, like a book, the folds between the folding screens start to wrinkle and the phone gets too big after folding. 

Fear of wrinkles remains in the clamshell design. This design looks beautiful but the phone cannot be the size of a tablet computer.

Looking at the heap concept design of the robust screen, it seems that this design will be more 'practical' as the motors inside the phone will cover the screen inside it. As we roll the chart paper. 

With the push of a button, the screen will switch from 'phone mode' to 'tablet mode'. All this will be done with the help of motors inside the body of the phone. Which will also extend the life of the foldable screen.

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5. The focus of the camera will be more on video
Before the year 2020, most of the focus of the smartphone's camera was on 'it captures the photo well'. But by the year 2021, the focus of the smartphone's camera will be on 'this video records well'.

 This was indicated by the companies in many smartphones launched in the last quarter of the year 2020.

As much as the iPhone 12 series focused on Dolby Vision, the Note 20 Ultra also focused on 8K video recording and manual video mode. As well, Vivo's X series features stabilized videos like Gimbal and videos like Autofocus. You will find this technique in almost every second or third smartphone launched in the year 2021.

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