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Monday, 18 January 2021

A dangerous disease of Parkinson's

A dangerous disease of Parkinson's:Deficiency of vitamins C and E causes mental illness Parkinson's; Learn its causes, symptoms and treatment

Do you have high levels of vitamins C and E in your diet? So you are at an advantage. According to a recent Swedish study, a diet rich in vitamins C and E protects you from a deadly mental illness like Parkinson's.

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The expert analyzed the health and diet of 41,000 Swedish men and women up to the age of 18. He also assessed beta carotene and NEAC along with vitamins C and E. The study found 465 cases of Parkinson's disease. During this time, people with high and low levels of vitamins C and E in the diet were compared. People who took high doses of vitamin C or E had a 32% lower risk of Parkinson's.

People who took more of both vitamins had a 38% lower risk of Parkinson's. Research expert Assi Huntikanon says there is a lot of research that needs to be done to reduce the risk of Parkinson's, but one thing is clear: the diet needs to contain vitamins C and E.

What is Parkinson's?
This is a kind of mental illness. It makes it difficult for a person to walk. At the same time the body vibrates and the body becomes numb. Apart from this there is a problem in body balance. According to research, Parkinson's is initially like a common disease, but after a few days it turns into a serious illness.

1. Body shivering
Body shivering is a major symptom of Parkinson's. The first tremors start in the fingers, hands and small parts of the body. It then spreads throughout the body. After a while, it gets so high that the person can't even stand up.

2. Writing also becomes difficult
if you are having difficulty writing. When writing in Parkinson's, the hands begin to tremble or it becomes difficult to move. See a doctor immediately if such symptoms appear.

3. Effect on ability to work
If your working capacity decreases while working, you become so mentally exhausted that if you cannot work, you may suffer from Parkinson's. If such symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately without wasting time.

4. Muscle cramps
Parkinson's can cause not only mental problems but also physical problems. At the beginning of this the muscles get stiff and this problem is constantly felt by the victim. Don’t ignore this kind of situation. Do not take medications without consulting a doctor.

5. Having difficulty
speaking Parkinson also has difficulty speaking and thinking while speaking. The victim begins to stutter while speaking and during this time the patient also has difficulty in thinking. That is, the patient cannot think as fast as he speaks.

Do not delay to consult a doctor if you notice any of the above symptoms. However, we should make some efforts so that no such problem arises. A good diet should be taken for it. Be sure to include vitamins C and E in your diet.

Parkinson's is easy to treat, just needs attention

According to experts, Parkinson's disease has been found in many people. If one takes care of 5 main things, we can control this disease.

1. Eat Fresh Vegetables
According to new research, we should eat foods rich in vitamins C and E. It has a direct impact on health. So eat fresh vegetables. It is also best to eat vegetables rich in Vitamin C and E.

2. Exercise
Exercising daily reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease. It is important to include yoga and exercise in your routine.

3. Start drinking green tea
Singing in this disease is recommended by doctors to drink green tea. It is low in caffeine. It benefits the body.

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4. Stay away from pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables. Stay away from
pesticides . Chemical-laden environments can also cause Parkinson's disease. So we should stay away from chemicals like pesticides. Doing so will not harm our health.

5. Get proper health checkups It
should be the responsibility of all of us to take care of our own health, as any negligence in health can put us in trouble. It is therefore important that you take care of your own health and have your health checked regularly. It will also give you the satisfaction that you are perfectly healthy.

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