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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

A huge fire broke out in Garden Silk Mill in Kadodora

Fire:A huge fire broke out in Garden Silk Mill in Kadodora, with the help of Surat and Bardoli Fire Department, the fire was brought under control in two hours.

Large damage forecast due to fire in the mill.

A fierce fire broke out in the mill, creating an atmosphere of chaos

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A huge fire broke out in a unit of Garden Silk Mill at Jolwa village in Kadodora of Surat city, creating an atmosphere of chaos. The Surat and Bardoli fire departments have been called in to help prevent the fire from spreading further. 

Attempts are being made to control the fire which started at 7.30 am. Operations are also being carried out when the fire does not spread further. Meanwhile, three fire departments managed to contain the blaze in two hours.

Try to overcome the fierce fire.

The fire
broke out in a small unit of the Garden Mill at 7:30 a.m., said JK Das, an officer with the fire department's management team, as three fire departments tried to contain the blaze. With this, the firefighters of Garden Mill started trying to control the fire by spraying water. Surat and Bardoli then sought the help of fire.

Garden Mill firefighters tried to douse the blaze with water.

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The fire was so huge that it took two hours. Firefighters from
about three divisions came together and put out the fire by 9:30 p.m. No casualties were reported in the Garden Mill fire. The run, however, was horrifying. At present nothing can be said about the loss. The survey is going on. The fire is under control.

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