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Thursday, 28 January 2021

Accused Deep Sidhu threatens farmer leaders

Accused Deep Sidhu threatens farmer leaders:If I start opening your cards, there is no way to escape from Delhi

Deep Sidhu is accused of inciting the crowd at the Red Fort. He is being considered personal to BJP, especially actor Sunny Deol (file photo).

Sharing the video on Facebook, he said, "I have not escaped anywhere. I am on the Indus border."

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Punjabi singer Deep Sidhu, who has been accused of inciting people to hoist the Khalsa flag on the Red Fort, has pleaded not guilty. He threatened the farmers by going live on his Facebook page late on Wednesday night. "You have given me a certificate of treason. If I start opening your polls, you will not even find a way to escape from Delhi," he said.

 A lot of lies are being spread. I endured all these days because I did not want our struggle to be harmed, but it has become necessary to say a few words at the stage you have reached.

First of all, on the night of the 25th, the youths expressed their indignation on the stage as they were called from Punjab to parade in Delhi. That is why big announcements and futures were often made from the stage. 

I explained to the crowd that I should not watch the video of my old speech:
Sidhu Sidhu said in the video that the situation on the stage at that time was such that the leading peasant leader was leaving and then a group of Nihangos called me there saying the situation was bad. Supported the farmer leaders and explained to the crowd that the farmer leader is old. It's very annoying, that's why we have to understand. That's why I'm saying I didn't want to see my speech that night.

I said the same thing that day. I also told the peasant leaders that it would not be wrong to take a collective decision according to what people are saying, because our front is running from Sangat and we are standing here. This was not understood by the peasant leaders. He fired the next day which was decided by the root farmer and the police. There weren’t even 3000 people on it. From the Indus-Tikri and Ghazipur border, the people themselves took the wrong route and ran towards the Red Fort without any leadership.

The gate of the Red Fort was broken just before I arrived.
Deep Sidhu said that the gate was broken by the time I reached the Red Fort. It saw a crowd of thousands. Then I got there by the road there were already hundreds of tractors on it. I reached the fort on foot. There was no farmer leader. There was no one. Came live on social media and made a big announcement but there was no one there.

In the midst of all this, some young men grabbed me and told me to go there. There were two flags, one was the flag of the farmers and the other was Nishan Sahib. We hoisted both flags there to express our anger against the government. We did not remove the tricolor.

Punjabi Singer , who has been repeatedly insulted by the government in the last six months, clarified that no public property was damaged. We did no violence. No one lathicharged our people. Everything went smoothly. We wanted to show the government that our rights should be given. Our demands should be heeded, because the attitude of the government towards us was not right for the last six months and they repeatedly insulted us.

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Traffic on the proven influence of the accused
on charges of violence at the Red Fort in Delhi in March, farmers tractor farmer organizations has been on Deep Sidhu. Gurnam Singh Chanduni, leader of the Indian Farmers 'Union, said the farmers' organizations had no plans to visit the Red Fort. Deep Sidhu provoked the farmers and took them from the Outer Ring Road to the Red Fort. Sidhu's name is also in the FIR in this case.

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