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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

After finding a dead bird in Kutch

Suspicion of bird flu:After finding a dead bird in Kutch, the three villages were 10 km away. Survey in area up to

If the report is positive, information is collected as a pre-preparation
1-1 chickens from Gorewali, Panawali, 38 crows from Indian Roller and Bhimasar (ch) were killed.

Bird flu has spread in the country and besides Gujarat state, 1 Indian roller in Gorewali of Bhuj taluka of Kutch and 1 hen in Panawali besides 38 crows have died simultaneously in Bhimasar (ch) of Anjar taluka and the office of Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry in Kutch 10 km from the village. Surveyed in areas up to and collected information.

Dr. in-charge of the office of the Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry. Haresh Thakkar said dead birds have been found in all the three villages. Samples of which were sent to NIHSAD in Bhopal through Ahmedabad office.

 I.e. sent to the National Institute of High Security Animal Disease Laboratory. As per the report, 10 km of the three villages have already been prepared. Information of poultry breeders has been collected in the areas, including the health status of the poultry so that immediate action can be taken if the report is positive.

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The report is unlikely to be positive. This is because bird flu symptoms have not been seen in any other birds, including chickens and crows. In Bhimasar (Ch) alone, the death of 38 crows has raised concerns. But, a shot circuit in a well or a chemical in water seems more likely to cause death. 

The rest of the Animal Husbandry Department is vigilant and is keeping a close watch on every place. No birds with bird flu symptoms have been found in any of the pottery farms so far. However, if a bird is found to be sick, it is instructed to report it immediately.

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