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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

After starting 10-12 classes in Gujarat / State, now the government is considering to start this standard classes

Schools and colleges in Gujarat were closed for the entire year during the Corona period. However Corona in the state is now slowly starting to see the government considering starting schools-colleges. In which, after the commencement of standard 10 and 12 classes, now the decision can be taken today regarding the commencement of 9th and 11th classes.

Today's decision to start Std-9 and 11 schools in the state

The government is considering starting school from next Monday

The government sought feedback on the basis of standard 10 and 12

At present in Gujarat, Korona is under control. At that time, employment-businesses are slowly opening up in the state. However, night curfew is still maintained in 4 metros of the state.

On the other hand, it was decided by the state education department to start Std. 10 and 12 classes only a few days ago. The decision to start schools for Std. 9 and 11 is likely to be taken by the government today.

However, according to sources, the state government is considering starting Class 9 and 11 classes from next Monday. However, the government has sought feedback on the basis of standard 10 and 12.

According to the information received, the government has sought feedback from the administrators and teachers of standard 10 and 12 schools. On the basis of which a decision can be taken to start Std. 9th and 11th classes. However, after today's feedback, a decision in this regard will be taken at the forthcoming cabinet meeting of the state government.

It may be mentioned that 11 students of a school in Keshod of Junagadh were found to be coronary yesterday. In which Kes hod's k. a. Corona's report of 11 students of Vanapariya Vinay Mandir was positive. In which a school-going antigen test was performed. In which 3 hostel and 8 city students were found infected with corona.

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