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Friday, 15 January 2021

After studying in a military school, the young man became a farmer instead of an army officer

Today's positive news:After studying in a military school, the young man became a farmer instead of an army officer, earning millions of rupees by cultivating watermelons and bananas.

Rohit Singh, a resident of Hajipur in Bihar, cultivates watermelons, bananas and vegetables with new technology.

Rohit Singh, who lives in Hajipur, Bihar, studied at a soldier's school in Himachal Pradesh. His father wanted him to become an officer in the army, but Rohit wanted to do something different. He wanted to be a job giver rather than a job seeker.

He returned to the village four years ago and started farming. Today he is cultivating watermelons, cucumbers, bananas and a variety of vegetables. He earns more than Rs 40 lakh in one season.

Rohit, 26, says that while studying at Sainik School, he had a question in his mind about people from Bihar going elsewhere for employment. I always thought that for a job people would be forced to leave their home family and live in a difficult situation. People were frustrated with agriculture. I had to change this assumption.

He says he returned in 2015 after Std-12. The people of the house were protesting a lot at that time. But I decided to make farming not just a livelihood but a business model. He says I had enough land. There was also a background to agriculture.

Dad was a farmer. I started cultivating watermelons, bananas, oranges, pomegranates and vegetables. Adopted drip irrigation technology for irrigation.

Watermelon cultivation starts in the month of January-February. Up to one lakh rupees can be earned if there is good production

Rohit is currently cultivating 100 acres of land. Apart from Bihar, it also supplies its agricultural products to other states. Now it has started sending its products to Bangladesh as well. More than 200 farmers are associated with them. 100 people are working with it. He mostly conducts training camps and trains people.

Rohit is going to start an agro clinic. In which farmers are being given information on how to monitor and maintain crops along with training. For this, it has also recruited experts so that farmers can get proper treatment of crops.

What is drip irrigation
is a well-known technique in Israel. This saves both water and manure. Drops of water fall into it and go to the roots of the crop. It also saves human labor. At present many parts of the country are being irrigated with this method.

Rohit is employing about 100 people, who work with him and help him

How to cultivate watermelon
Watermelon cultivation starts in the month of January-February. Canals are prepared at a distance of 10 to 12 feet for its cultivation. Seeds are sown at a distance of about one foot on each side of the canals. Most of the farmers use mulching, which maintains the moisture content. Manure should be well mixed in the soil for good yield. The crop should also be protected from weeds and pests. An acre of land costs about Rs 25000.

It supplies watermelons to Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh as well as Bangladesh.

How to make a profit from farming
Rohit says farmers should adopt commercial farming. Only then can they make a profit. It is not necessary to cultivate only watermelon or other crops. Whatever crop you take should be in terms of its location. 

We should also look at which product is in high demand in which season. Crops should be selected keeping that in mind. Those who want to enter farming should start small and then expand. At the same time we have to work on the production process.

He says the help of social media can be taken for marketing. With this the product can be sold by going to the mandis initially. If your products are good, they will become popular among the people.

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