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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Ahmedabad woman dies after speed boat sinks

Tragic:Ahmedabad woman dies after speed boat sinks, selfie crash in Mandvi

Festivals on Mandvi beach are crowded with tourists even on normal days. Now, considering the safety of tourists, a facility including a watch tower is required.

The boat capsized while trying to rescue another woman who was about to fall into the sea: Five members of the same family drowned, four were rescued

There are many safety issues against water sports running haphazardly on Mandvi beach. Although serious incidents often occur, no action is taken. This resulted in one more tragic event on the day of Uttarayan. Five members of the same family from Ahmedabad drowned when a speed boat capsized in the sea, in which four were rescued while the woman was killed.

 Surprisingly, the boat capsized while taking a selfie at sea. In addition, the woman was wearing a life jacket but lost her life due to excessive water consumption due to the waves of the sea.

According to the details received in this regard, the family living at Maninagar in Ahmedabad had come to visit Mandvi beach. Belaben Girishbhai Thakkar (b. 51), her husband Girishbhai Thakkar (b. 55), Hiteshbhai Thakkar (b. 55), Bhavnaben Hiteshbhai Thakkar (b. 53), Hitashiben Thakkar (b. .16) Named members boarded a speed boat wearing a life jacket at the behest of water sports. The family was enjoying a fast floating boat on the waves of the ocean. The accident took place at 12.45 pm.

Suddenly the boat capsized. Five passengers and a boat operator drowned. However, the drowning tourists were rescued with the help of other boats. However, Belaben Thakkar died after drinking too much water. 

All were brought ashore and taken to a private hospital. Where Belaben was pronounced dead. However, as the Ahmedabad family was not ready to lodge any complaint with the police, the police took a statement from the water sports administrator. In which the deceased woman was taking selfies and her balance was disturbed. The boat lost its balance while trying to rescue him. Which caused the boat to capsize.

Where is my mother?
Rajendrabhai Jethi of Madhapar, who was present and witnessed the accident, said that no other boat was present on the shore to rescue the people when the boat sank. The boat, which was carrying tourists near the sea, landed on the shore and immediately went to sea to rescue the drowning people.

When the Ahmedabad family was taken ashore by the boat which capsized in the sea, while getting off the boat, the daughter said, "Where is my mother?

An attempt was made to bring the woman to the shore. People tried to get the water out by pumping the woman who drank the water, but the woman gave up.

Operators of water sports are also required to periodically check whether the operators of such speed boats, which take tourists to the sea at the risk of their lives, have legal approval or the required certification.

 Such an operator is required to have a certificate of life saving technique from the National Institute of Water Sports or its affiliates.

Facilities including the Watch Tower on the shore now need to be developed
Mandvi Beach is crowded with tourists even on festivals and normal days. Now the facility including the Watch Tower is required for the safety of the tourists.

 Despite the fact that there is a rule in this regard, water sports are being allowed without erecting a watch tower. A Beach Water Committee has also recently been formed. The committee also did not take any action on security issues.

The boat that sank in the water was not found the next day!
The boat that capsized and sank in the water was not found the next day! Tourists' purses and mobile phones were also submerged in the water.

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