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Friday, 29 January 2021

Airtel provided 5G service to people in Hyderabad

Live testing of 5G:Airtel provided 5G service to people in Hyderabad, the entire movie was downloaded in a matter of seconds

Airtel partnered with Ericsson to bring 5G service
Testing got 10 times faster on 5G than 4G

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Bharti Airtel may lag behind Geo in the race for cheaper tariff plans and subscribers, but Airtel has won the 5G race. Airtel has successfully tested live 5G service on a commercial network in Hyderabad. The company has also shared its live demo video.

Airtel tested its liberalized spectrum at 1800 MHz using non-stand alone (NSA) network technology. 5G got 10 times more speed than 4G. Airtel has become the first telecom company in the country to conduct such testing.

"I am proud of my engineers," said Gopal Vitthal, MD and CEO, Bharti Airtel. He has successfully tested this technology in Hyderabad. This test proved to be a game changer in Hyderabad. Airtel has become the first company to demonstrate this capability. India has the potential to become a global hub for 5G innovation.

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Movie downloaded in seconds
5G users downloaded the entire movie in the blink of an eye during testing in Hyderabad. Airtel now needs government approval to launch the service. According to the company, 5G technology will be available to consumers when it gets government approval with adequate spectrum.

Airtel has partnered with Ericsson to bring 5G service. The company claims that this gives it the ability to run 5G networks in mid-band on the spectrum it possesses. Airtel can offer 5G network on sub-GHz bands at 800MHz and 900MHz with frequencies of 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz.

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