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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Anime Live Wallpaper 4K/3D

If you love anime or manga, you can find this app (Anime Live & Wallp Lappers) in the background. All you want is high quality for your mobile, Anime Boy, Girl, Cute Baby Wallpaper with Fan Art, Background Anime Beautiful etc.

 You can save any Anime live wallpaper in SD card or internal storage

You can set any anime live wallpaper you want as wallpapers

 More then 100000 background and live wallpaper

Wall of the Day
Come back every day for a new treat. This is where our newly created backdrops or just some of our favorites are performed. If you want your own original work in Spotlight you can contact us.

Updated Daily
We'll be constantly designing new backdrops for you. This means you will continue to find new high quality content in the app every day.

 Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei wallpaper
 Mob Psycho 100 live wallpaper.

 Hunter X Hunter live wallpaper.

 Asobi Asobase live wallpaper.
Ao No Exorcist live llpaper.

 RWBY live wallpaper.

 Code Geass live wallpaper.

 Code Breaker live wallpaper.

 The Irregular At Magic High School live wallpaper.

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 High School Dxd live wallpaper.

 Angel Of Death live wallpaper.

 Goblin Slayer live wallpaper.

 Guilty Crown live wallpaper.

 Honkai Impact 3rd live wallpaper.

 Romance live live Wallpaper

 Boku No Hero Academia live wallpaper.

 Naruto live wallpaper.

 Doctor Stone live wallpaper.

Fairy Tail live wallpaper.

This is a good idea. You can download 3D wallpapers, you will also find some good photos here, you 
will love this appIf you are also a fan of anime, you will love this app. You can take photos of your choice in this app. We hope you enjoy the app

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