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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Beware / hacker hacking on WhatsApp, change this setting today to avoid

As social media expands, so do hackers and their scams. WhatsApp is the latest target of hackers and scammers.. It has hacked your account via OTP trick. WhatsApp is an application that is being used by most people around the world.

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A scam is happening on WhatsApp
Here’s how to avoid being hacked
You are not a victim of scams

Why WhatsApp is the target

WhatsApp is an app through which you or people share documents and data with each other. That's why hackers are hacking WhatsApp to steal your data.

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How scams are done

Your account is hacked by OTP Game. For example, you can receive this message from a friend's number that you are in a catastrophic situation and your Airtel or friend needs help. 

The hacker will then ask for the OTP number on your number. As soon as you give it a number your account will be logged out of your mobile and the hacker will be able to use that account.

Never give information like OTP to anyone and if someone asks for that number, don't give it to them, otherwise you are in big trouble.

What after being hacked

If you provide OTP and your account has been hacked, hackers can misuse your sensitive data and hack your other friends' WhatsApp through your account. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, call your friend first and confirm whether it is the same or not. If you share an OTP number, you will be in big trouble.

Be safe this way

Turn on two-factor authentication to avoid such scams.You can turn this feature into a very easy step on your mobile Mana WhatsApp.

Turn on WhatsApp and click on the three dots you see in the right corner

Select the account by clicking on the setting option

Turn on by clicking on the option named Two-step verification

When you select the second step verification, you will see the Enable option

You will be prompted for a 6 digit PIN when you select Enable

You have to add the number in your phone or email.

Once you've verified your email address, your two-step verification becomes an active character.

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