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Thursday, 21 January 2021

blood for Rs 10, urine for Rs 20 and full body check-up for Rs 800.

Expensive report now cheap:The 146-year-old Panchnath temple will have a hospital at a reduced rate, inaugurated by CM, blood for Rs 10, urine for Rs 20 and full body check-up for Rs 800.

Advanced facility at Panchnath Hospital

Advanced facility in 50 bed hospital, facility at concessional rate

The biggest concern when it comes to any middle class person is the hospital bill. Then a hospital has been set up in Rajkot which is a boon for the poor and middle class. The hospital will be inaugurated by CM Rupani at a reduced rate at the 146-year-old Panchnath temple in Rajkot. The hospital will have state-of-the-art surgeries ranging from laboratory to token rates. Blood for Rs 10, urine test for Rs 20 and full body check-up for Rs 800 will be provided here.

Panchnath Hospital

Report on relief rate at Panchnath Hospital Report Price

Blood sugar 20

Urine routine 20

Kidney examination 150

Liver examination 250

Thyroid examination 300

ECG 130

X-ray 200

Sonography 300

Full body examination 800

Enrolled doctors will serve the city
is going to start all features of this Panchnath hospital. For the last many years he has been treating people in a way that suits the common man. Now the institute has launched a state-of-the-art hospital. Renowned doctors from Rajkot of modern hospital equipped with ICU and operation theater will serve here.

Modern machinery.

How will the facility be?

Equipped with 50 bed facilities
A.C. General Ward
ICU with modern ventilator
Latest bed arrangement
Anti-Bacterial Operation Theater with Surgical Equipment

Inside Panchnath Hospital.

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The modernization of the hospital will be a blessing
in disguise for the poor and middle class. At present, the old hospital in Panchnath provides treatment for common ailments for only Rs. 10, along with a week's supply of medicine, which will continue. 

Treatment for a complex illness will also cost only 40 percent, which will probably be just a token rate. People are also believing that the construction of this hospital will benefit the poor.

 It is important that whenever a person falls ill, the person's mortgage for treatment is running out. Then the construction and modernization of Panchnath Hospital in Rajkot will be a blessing for the poor and middle class.

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