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Friday, 8 January 2021

BRTS bus in Satellite area of ​​Ahmedabad collided with a bus pole due to a flat tire

Accident:BRTS bus in Satellite area of ​​Ahmedabad collided with a bus pole due to a flat tire, two passengers sustained minor injuries.

There were 4 passengers in the BRTS bus at the time of the accident

Another BRTS bus has crashed in Ahmedabad. The tire of a BRTS bus exploded near ISRO in the satellite area of ​​the city around 11 am today. Luckily there were only four passengers in the bus. In which two passengers sustained minor injuries. 

There was no other bus in front of the bus, which led to a major accident. No casualties were reported. Traffic police rushed to the spot following the incident. Police are conducting further investigations into the matter. After the accident the bus climbed over the divider and collided with the pole. Crowds of people rushed to the spot following the accident. Frightened passengers shouted after the accident.

BRTS buses are notorious for causing accidents in the city as there was an accident at Akhbarnagar underbridge recently . Recently, two buses were torn apart when the entire bus rammed into the city's Akhbarnagar underbridge, injuring two people.

 The driver sustained serious injuries from these two injuries. According to the details received, a BRTS bus was passing near Akhbarnagar underbridge in the city when a two-wheeler driver came across it, which led to the accident while trying to rescue it. The BRTS bus climbed over the divider due to over speed and the steering lock collided with the pillar of the underpass, causing the bus to tear in half. from the middle.

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Shortly before the accident, all the passengers had landed near Pragtinagar to narrowly escape a major accident.The incident was so serious that the bus was trapped 9 feet from the driver's side, only the inside of the bus was found in ruins.

Injured driver Ramesh Makwana was unloading passengers near Pragtinagar and took the bus to RTO depot.. The steering wheel of the bus was locked when it was unloading at the underpass at that time and the bus collided with the divider and caused an accident.

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