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Monday, 25 January 2021

Changes to the rules Automatic cars can now also be given driving test

Changes to the rules:Automatic cars can now also be given driving test, helmet-a mirror mandatory for two-wheeler driving test

A change in the rule that every company puts in the automatic car market

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It is mandatory to have a mirror on the two-wheeler while giving driving test. If there is no mirror, driving test will not be taken. Automatic car has been introduced in the driving test of the vehicle. At present, 20 automatic cars come to Subhash bridge RTO daily for driving test.

 So far, it has not been checked whether there is a mirror on the two-wheeler that is going to give the driving test. Applicants also took a driving test on a two-wheeler without a mirror. However, two mirrors on a two-wheeler and a helmet are mandatory for those who take the driving test.

A mirror should be mandatory on two-wheelers while giving driving test at Subhash Bridge RTO on Friday. The officials verbally ordered the applicants to remove the mirror from another vehicle inside the office and fit the test in their own vehicle. 

. While this rule is not enforced in vestments and statues, on the other hand, the business of renting mirrors along with helmets has now started outside the Subhash Bridge RTO.

Now you too can take a test of your license from your automatic car. A helmet and a mirror are essential to give a 2-wheeler test. You can share this post with your friends and tell them about the changed rules for driving.

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