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Thursday, 21 January 2021

College Dropout Arshi Starts With Rs 25,000 Online Career Counseling: Today Has A Turnover Of Rs 75 Lakh

Today's positive news:College Dropout Arshi Starts With Rs 25,000 Online Career Counseling: Today Has A Turnover Of Rs 75 Lakh

Arshi Khan is 25 years old, who started her own startup college news three years ago. Today his team employs 25 people

Today's story is about 25-year-old young entrepreneur Arshi Khan. Arshi is a resident of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Arshi, who barely passed Std-12, started an online platform called College Khabri in December 2018 with Rs 25,000, where it helps students choose a better career option. The startup, which started with two people, today has a team of 25 people.

Arshi claims that his team has mentored more than 25,000 students. She has also done paid counseling for more than 1500 students. Its turnover was Rs 30 lakh in the last financial year. Which has increased to Rs 75 lakh this year.

Arshi started the startup with her friends. He now has 25 people on his team

How it works College Khabari
Arshi says' Counseling is done in different steps on our platform. It has an expert with you, who gives you information about various career options and guides you step by step in choosing it. This counseling is based on the student's grade, interest and aptitude test. Based on that, we help students choose a career and the right college for it. '

Arshi says that in addition to that we have created a variety of videos on a video platform 'Students' News' and help the student to choose the right career. He says there is a difference between a hobby and a career. We help students find a suitable career. When he chooses a career, he chooses a good government-private college, university and handles the entire counseling process of the student body.

We help students enroll, state scholarships. In return we charge the student and that is our revenue model. Arshi's startup charges students from Rs 1,000 to Rs 20,000. Their clients are students between the ages of 14 and 24.

According to Arshi, a 1 lakh plus subscriber on the student news video platform , this is how another company works for a college, while their startup works for a student. He says that no student takes your service because he feels more or less your charge. He wants trust, he gets information from the content but he doesn't get trust. Seeing this, a video platform called Student Khabri was created.

Today there are over 1 lakh subscribers on this platform. It has over 10 million users each month, and queries from thousands of students across the country.

Pictured are Arshi (left) and Dad and older sister. After her father's death, Arshi's life took a turn for the worse

After the death of his father, he realized how much struggle there is in life.
Even though the turnover of Arshi's startup has reached Rs 75 lakh in three years, but his journey was not so easy. In this regard, Arshi says, "I took admission in VIT Vellore after 12th standard, but at that time, my father's health deteriorated.

I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to live with my dad. Dad died soon after. After they left, I realized how much struggle there is in life. '

Arshi says she wanted to pursue her father's consulting business but the family did not approve. The latter decided that something should be done on their own but did not have the money. So I started taking home tuition and working with NGOs. She saved the money for her own business.

The idea for the business came up during a conversation with a friend. In the midst of all this, Arshi had two ideas in mind, to complete her studies and start her own business. He then met Rother Jails, an old friend. When Rother asked Arshi if he had gone abroad to study, Arshi said that he had also tried in several colleges in Bhopal but he could not get admission due to high fees.

Rother explained that there are many scholarship schemes for each category, in which tuition fees are completely waived. Hearing this, Arshi realized that he could now complete his studies on his own and took admission in an engineering college in Bhopal. At the same time he thought that there are a lot of students like me who have no idea about all this.

Arshi shared the idea with Rother to help students like her and also generate revenue from it. After which Arshi took office from his savings of 25 thousand rupees and started a business. In the first year alone, he counseled about 300 students and generated good revenue.

The idea for the college news startup came to Arshi while talking to her friend Rother (left, in a pink shirt). Avinash (in white shirt) later joined him as CTO

So betrayed his friends to make a fresh start in the business was

Arshi gave some part of his office to his friends for his startup. After which Arshi stayed in Pune for about a month to expand her business. Back then, the lock of his office had changed. The friends who gave the office, together with the landlord, made an agreement of the office in their own name. But Friend Rother supported and Arshi started his own business again.

 In between this was my exam too, when I realized what I would do next by doing computer engineering? I should do what I am good at, and I like to talk, I like to interact with people. So I dropped out of engineering for the second time.

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In December 2018, we launched a platform called College Khabri, where we started helping students find better career options. 'Arshi said Rother was from a pharmacy background and did not have technical skills. In the meantime we met Avinash Seth, who was running his own startup, he needed marketing and Arshi needed technical support.

They helped each other, and after a while Avinash also joined College Khabri as CTO (Chief Technical Officer). The career should be what you want to do, what you enjoy doing.

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