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Friday, 15 January 2021

Cords cut the lifeline of birds

Cords cut the lifeline of birds:In Vadodara, more than 300 birds, including swans and owls, were injured by ropes in two days, killing 35 pigeons.

The birds were treated by wearing a PPE kit

The birds were treated by wearing a PPE kit due to bird flu outbreak

Under the Chief Minister-inspired Compassion Campaign, more than 300 birds injured by the rope at Uttarayan and Wasi Uttarayan were treated and their lives were saved. The birds were treated by wearing a PPE kit due to bird flu outbreak.

More than 300 stray injured birds were treated
and critically injured and in need of prolonged treatment were kept as indoor patients at the Rescue Center in Sayajibaug. Response cum rescue cell was formed under Karuna Abhiyan. In which more than 300 injured birds were treated. More than 200 pigeons were injured. While as many as 35 pigeons died.

More than 300 birds were treated

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4 Samadi, a crow, a parrot injured
4 Samadi, a crow, a parrot, an owl, a peacock, 3 kakansara, a kalkalio, a, flamingo, a hollow, a duck, a nakto, a tintodi, 2 herons were injured . All are being treated at the Vadodara Forest Department office. When Kakansar died.

The birds were kept like an indoor patient at the rescue center in Sayajibaug

As many as 35 pigeons died

Beware, all the birds have died because of the landing. So we should be happy but we should not be so busy that we can't even see the trouble that is happening to anyone because of us.

 We should also take care of the birds. A total of more than 150 birds died on the day of the landing. We can't give life to anyone but we can save someone's life is also a big and great work for us

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