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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Dad had an accident as a child, sold newspapers to run the house; Today there are five shop owners

Today's positive news:Dad had an accident as a child, sold newspapers to run the house; Today there are five shop owners

Ajmer resident Bharat Tarachandani now has a large show room in Pushkar. There are also many shops.

Today we will talk about Bharat Tarachandani of Ajmer. His father had an accident when Bharat was in sixth standard and he was going to bed rest. From then on, the conflict between Bharat and his family began. Today he owns five shops in Pushkar and the turnover is in the millions. Let's find out from him how he did it all ...

Bharat says, 'Father was the sole earner and suddenly he had an accident, after which he stopped earning. We brothers and sisters were very young. The mother could not understand how to support the family now. Day by day the situation began to deteriorate.

 Mother started sewing. Big brother started going to the medical store. I started working at a grocery store. Also selling prints in the morning. Also worked on STD PCO. We people were doing every small and big work, which earns four paise in the house. For many years, life went on like this. '

"We come from the Sindhi community," he said. This is what used to happen. My older brother got a chance to go to West Africa from a link, he started working there. We were paying off everything we sent. Four years later, he returned to work in Pushkar.

Bharat says, 'I had passed 12th. One of my mama's contacts kept going to Dubai and got a job in a textile company there. I thought everything would be fine as soon as I went to Dubai, but nothing happened. I struggled a lot there. Delivery of goods, from booking to lifting cartons. I worked there for five years. '

"When I came back to Ajmer, my elder brother said we should do something now," said Bharat, who worked on the incentive scheme . In the end, how long will we continue to do other people's work? I borrowed thirty lakh rupees from one of my friends living in the Gulf Country. The elder brother collected some money from here and there and we took a shop in Pushkar on a lease of Rs 6 lakh. 

There was no development at the time where the shop was taken. The shopkeepers around were saying that not even a single pigeon would turn up here in the evening, what a customer would come, but I saw that there are a lot of hotels and inns around. I hoped the customer would start coming if the clothing store opened. I dared to open a shop there. '

 The condition was that you would get the same incentive as the customer you bring to the shop and also give ten to fifteen percent discount to the customers.
 Tourists started coming to my shop in buses. The customers thronged till two o'clock at night. '

The three shops built together show room
they say, seeing everything, many merchants around started opening a shop near my shop. Gradually the market developed. The same goods were found everywhere. Then it occurred to me that if we didn't do something big then we wouldn't be able to move forward in the business, so we used all the money we earned and bought two more shops. 

Divyabhaskar News 

The three shops together became a show room. From then until today, my family and I have not had to look back. We now have five shops in Pushkar. The shop I sit at has a turnover of more than one crore rupees. We employ ten to fifteen people. I felt that even if you don't get what you were destined for, no one can take away from you what is your hard work.

Bharat said, 'I have been fond of reading and writing since childhood. Previously this work could not be done due to compulsion. Now I pursue this hobby with business and work on scripts, but yes, the rule of getting up in the morning is the same as it was five years ago. Even today I open the shop at half past seven or eight o'clock in the morning, after all, whatever the circumstances may be. '

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