Dhara Dhruji in Kutch:

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Four tremors of magnitude 4 near Bhachau in East Kutch, 3.1 near the Indo-Pakistan border and three other tremors were recorded.

3.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Bella, Pakistan

Embarrassed by a series of tremors before 26 January

With the 20th anniversary of the devastating earthquake just days away, the land of East Kutch has begun to shake again. Four tremors ranging from 1.8 to 4 were recorded on Thursday.

 Recently, two faults met near Khawda with a magnitude of more than 4 and experts also indicated the possibility of another major earthquake in Kutch.

Located in the center of the small desert of Kutch,
at 7.22 am on Thursday, nine km from Bhachau. The quake, which had a magnitude of 4 in the far north-northeast, sent people out of their homes in the cold, including Bhachau, Chobari and Samakhiali. 

The land of Saurashtra is also rocky with cracks in many places and after rains, earthquakes occur due to water pressure

The epicenter was reported at Karmaria in Bhachau taluka at the beginning of the new year. At 12.26 pm, a magnitude 1.8 tremor was recorded in the north-northwest direction, 22 km from Dudhai in Bhachau taluka, with its epicenter in the Kutch desert.

epicenter was reported at 5.57 am at a distance of 44 km from Bella in Rapar taluka. The epicenter was reported at Nagarparkar on the Indo-Pakistan border. 

At 12.36 pm, a magnitude 2.2 tremor was felt in the west-southwest direction at a distance of 22 km from Rapar. The epicenter was reported below the Kanthkot Fort, near the temple of Momay Mataji. 

It is to be noted here that, as January 26 is approaching, the people are seeing embarrassment due to the series of earthquakes.

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