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Friday, 15 January 2021

Don't you have these loan apps in your phone too ?:

Don't you have these loan apps in your phone too ?:A list of apps banned by Google came up, RBI said - must check the registration of the app

Google has deleted 453 personal loan apps from the Play Store. All these apps no longer appear in Search. Each app was in violation of the company's users' safety policy. This app was flirting with the user's data when taking a loan. If these apps are installed on other platforms, then Google will not be responsible for data security.

According to Google's policy, a personal loan app must provide the user with all kinds of information. Namely, what is the minimum and maximum limit of payment? What is the maximum interest rate? Customers have to state, what is the total loan amount? Be transparent about the features, fees, risks and benefits of the loan so that people can make the right decision.

Google has not released a list of the apps it has banned but a list has appeared on social media containing 453 personal loan apps. This is not opening in the Play Store. The names of these loan apps are in the present list on Google Drive ...

A list of some personal and instant loan apps


VN card

Money blooms

Money for People

One loan

Cash on


Cash Jupiter


Case Now

Cache Cache

Creddy m

Credit bus

Easy Quick

Cash Cow

Flax celery

World money

Rupee plus

Fast rupee

Cash Bazaar



V Cash

Cash Bowl Phone

Bharat Instant Loan App is on

One of the apps that Google has banned is Bharat Instant Loan. However, this app can still be installed on the Google Play Store. It has been installed more than 10 thousand times so far. 260 users gave a rating of 3.1 out of 5. Most users do not like its service. The app mentions the details attached to the loan such as ..

Loan Amount: Rs.1,0000 Maximum
Loan Terms: 91 days (less days, with extended time) -365 days (more days, with extended time)
Maximum APR: 36%
Transaction Fee: No
Processing Fee: 10%
Document: Pen Card , Base number, photo, account details.
Example: If you take a loan of Rs.5000 for one year, the total interest on it will be Rs.5000 X 36% = Rs.1800.

Many personal loan apps present on the Play Store There
are still many personal loan apps available on Google. For example, if you search the Play Store by typing LOAN, a long list comes up. It includes government apps as well as apps from many private banks and firms.

Read In Gujarati News 

According to media reports, there have been many cases of suicide due to instant loan apps. Nineteen people were also arrested in Hyderabad and Gurugram in the instant money laundering app scam in December.

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