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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Farmers' victory: Tweak to Modi government

Supreme Court bans implementation of all three agricultural laws, 4-member committee formed to negotiate with farmers

Farmers have been protesting against the agricultural law on the Delhi border since November 26

The petitions challenging the three new agricultural laws are being heard in the Supreme Court for the second day in a row. The Supreme Court has banned the implementation of all three agricultural laws. A 4-member committee has been formed to interact with the farmers.

During the earlier discussion, petitioner ML Sharma had said that the farmers had refused to appear before the committee formed by the Supreme Court.

During the discussion, petitioner's counsel ML Sharma said that farmers say that many people are coming and discussing, but not against the Prime Minister. Chief Justice S.A."We can't tell him anything about this," Bobde said.

CHIEF JUSTICE: We want to suspend law enforcement right now, but not on a temporary basis. We trust the committee and we will make it. This committee will be part of the judicial process. The committee will be formed so that the picture can be clearly understood.

Chief Justice: We also do not want to hear the argument that the farmer will not go to this committee. We want the issue resolved. If the farmer wants to make a movement without a purpose, he does so, but anyone who wants to resolve the issue will go to this committee.

 The committee cannot punish anyone, nor can it issue an order. It will only report to us. This is not politics. There is a difference between politics and the judiciary. You have to co-operate.

ML Sharma (Chief Petitioner challenging the Agriculture Act): Justice JS Khehar, Justice GS Sindhvi may be included in the committee. Farmers say, however, that many people have come to discuss but not to the Prime Minister.

Chief Justice: We cannot ask the Prime Minister to go to the meeting. Other officials of the Prime Minister are present here.

ML Sharma: Under the new agricultural law, if a farmer enters into a contract, his land can be sold. This is a mastermind plan. Corporates will degrade farmers' yields and sell their land to pay off debts.
Chief Justice: We will issue an interim order that, at the time of contracting, no farmer's land will be sold.

Government's argument: Many organizations consider agricultural laws to be beneficial
Government: Both sides said they would resume talks on January 15. 

We want a solution. The organizations affiliated with the farmers' unions told us that the agricultural law would lead to development and the government should not back down. Now tomorrow, an organization says, why was the law that benefited us repealed due to the opposition of some groups? So what shall we answer. Therefore the law cannot be banned.

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AP Singh (Lawyer of Indian Farmers Union-Bhanu): Farmers said they are ready to send back the elderly, women and children.

Vikas Singh (Advocate of Farmers Associations): Farmers want a main place for their demonstrations. Otherwise the movement makes no sense. Protests at Ramlila Maidan or Boat Club should be allowed.

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