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Friday, 29 January 2021

Farmers who reached Muzaffarnagar today to evacuate Khedut Mahapanchayat,

Peasant Movement:Farmers who reached Muzaffarnagar today to evacuate Khedut Mahapanchayat, Ghazipur border returned at midnight

After the flag march on the Ghazipur border on Thursday, it was almost certain that the UP police would take action. But, seeing farmers in UP-Haryana moving towards Delhi, the police moved back.

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On the 64th day of the peasant agitation, i.e. on Thursday, heavy measures were taken at the Ghazipur border. The situation was such that the farmers would be sent home after a heavy police presence till 4 pm and the UP government's order to end the picket, but the police had to return at midnight. So the farmers have started preparing to accelerate the movement. In this connection, the Mahapanchayat has been called in Muzaffarnagar today at 11 am.

Tikait was happy to finish the picket, MLA threatened after the decision to change the killed
were ready for the Indian farmer union spokesman Rakesh Tikait 6 pm Delete picket-place during a meeting with officials, but thodikavaramam BJP leader Nand Kishore entry mamalae took a U-turn .

Rakesh Tikait was ready to leave the picket site during a meeting with officials at 6 p.m.

Nand Kishore reached the picket site with his supporters. He told police to remove the protesters by Sunday, otherwise we would remove them. Tikait then provoked and said that the BJP MLA has come together with the police force to massacre the farmers, that is why we are not going now.

Advertisement in Tikaitna village at 10 pm-Every farmer will reach
Ghazipur Seeing the changing situation on the Ghazipur border, a crowd gathered at Rakesh Tikait's house in Sisauli village in Muzaffarnagar at 10 pm chanting 'Ghazipur Koch'. In the midst of all this, Jat leader RLD President Ajit Singh called Rakesh Tikait and announced his support for the movement. At the same time, Jat politics entered the whole affair.

Jat leader RLD President Ajit Singh called Rakesh Tikait and announced his support for the movement.

From 11 pm, people from Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Ghaziabad, Shamli and Baghpat started marching for Ghazipur. Apart from UP, many Khaps have also announced in Haryana that it will also reach the Delhi border. Farmers also left Bhiwani in Haryana on 1 thousand tractors. Seeing the deteriorating situation in both the states, the police force awaiting an order of action at the Ghazipur border began to retreat.

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Tikait, who was talking about stick-and-bullet, shed tears.
UP police sealed off the picket line at Ghazipur border at 4 pm on Thursday. In the presence of heavy police the farmers grabbed the eviction notice. Officials said the picket would be removed. As a result, the controversial Tikait played an emotional game with stick and bullet statements. "This is a preparation for the massacre of farmers," he lamented. A plot is being hatched to kill me. '

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