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Friday, 22 January 2021

HIV report positive after blood transfusion to 14-year-old child with thalassemia in Rajkot, father cries

Deadly negligence:HIV report positive after blood transfusion to 14-year-old child with thalassemia in Rajkot, father cries, demands strict punishment for those responsible

Tampering with the health of a child with thalassemia in Rajkot.

Father's allegation that the blood bank owner transfused blood without checking it
Accompanied by the victim's family, he reached Rajkot to introduce himself to the Congress Collector

A 14-year-old child with thalassemia has been found to have his life tampered with in Rajkot. KT of Civil Hospital without checking blood by blood bank. Was handed over to the Children's Hospital. 

The hospital later gave blood to the child without checking and as soon as the child's HIV report came positive in the hospital, the family's feet slipped from the ground. Due to such gross negligence, the life of the family's son Vahalsoya is in danger. 

Currently, the Rajkot Congress has come to the aid of the family and today the Collectorate reached with the victim's family to make a presentation. At the collector's office, the child's father burst into tears and the only demand is that those responsible should be punished severely.

Arrived to make a presentation with the victim's report.

The baby has been suffering from thalassemia since birth. The
father, who cried every 15 days for blood transfusion , alleged that his beloved son had thalassemia till now but now he has contracted HIV due to a big mistake in the blood bank. Because of thalassemia, we had blood transfusions every 15 days after birth. Now his HIV report has come positive. My demand is that strict action be taken against those responsible. The person with the blood bank has transfused the blood without checking it. Strict action should be taken against those responsible so that this does not happen to any other child.

The family arrived at the collector's office to make a presentation.

father, who has been receiving blood transfusions at the Civil Hospital since the child was one year old, further said that since my son was one year old, K.T. Thalassemia blood is transfused at the Children's Hospital. To date no other private hospital has transfused blood. Every time a blood transfusion was done, some of his blood samples were reported and HIV tests were done every six months. When the blood was transfused, the date was entered in the file and the unit number was entered and signed by the doctor.

Congress on behalf of the families of the victims.

HIV report came positive if blood was
transfused on 4th January. When we last went to Civil for blood transfusion on 4th January 2021, as per the rules, HIV test was done and the report came positive and we were shocked. In the end, asking the doctor he said he would have to check. This can happen if you have HIV blood. The father alleges that the authorities at the Civil Hospital raped my son without inspecting the blood.

The father who came to the collector's office to make a presentation cried.

Allegations of HIV blood transfusion
Congress alleges that the HIV report of a 14-year-old child with thalassemia was negative until May 2020. The child's report came positive after blood transfusion. The Congress has alleged that a child suffering from thalassemia who was undergoing treatment at Rajkot Civil Hospital was given HIV blood.

Demanding action against those responsible,
Congress leader Dr. Activists led by Hemang Vasavada reached the collector's office with the victim's family. The family members reached out to the collector with the report of the victim child and demanded immediate action against those responsible.

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