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Friday, 22 January 2021

India slipped one place to 129th in internet speed; Syria and Pakistan are also ahead of us

Report:India slipped one place to 129th in internet speed; Syria and Pakistan are also ahead of us

The country is waiting for 5G for the fastest internet speed, but the fact is that 4G mobile and broadband internet speeds are declining. Ukla, the organization that ranks countries in internet speed, has announced a new ranking list. It has lost one place in each of India's cases.

India ranks 129th out of 139 countries in mobile internet speed in Ukla's 2020 Global Internet Speedtest Index. It ranks 65th out of 176 countries in terms of broadband speed. Qatar has overtaken South Korea and the UAE in mobile internet speeds. Thailand tops in broadband speeds, surpassing Hong Kong and Singapore.

The average mobile download speed in India has
dropped to 4.4% to 12.91 Mbps. The speed was 13.5 Mbps in November. However the country has seen a slight improvement in the speed of mobile uploads. This is an increase of about 1.4% to 4.97 Mbps. While in November it was 4.90 Mbps.

Only Bangladesh is good in neighboring countries
6 The speed of mobile internet in India is better than only Bangladesh in major neighboring countries. So in terms of mobile internet speed, Pakistan has reached the number 114 in 6 steps. However, leaving China behind, it is in a better position than the rest of its neighbors.

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The aspects used for ranking were modified on 1 January 2019. Accordingly, a minimum of 300 mobile or broadband Internet users is required in any country to be included in this ranking. Before that the number of mobile users should be 670 and the number of broadband internet users should be minimum 3333. The number of countries joining the rankings has increased after the new aspects.

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