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Friday, 22 January 2021

India to launch biotech trials of nasal vaccine

Bhaskar Explaner:India to launch biotech trials of nasal vaccine; Children can also be vaccinated

The Expert Committee of the Drug Regulator of India has recommended the approval of a clinical trial of the intranasal vaccine of Bharat Biotech, which the scientists are very happy about. Doctors say the intranasal vaccine will be more effective, as well as have fewer side effects. Children can also be easily vaccinated.

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According to government officials, the vaccine could prove to be a game changer in the fight against the corona virus if it succeeds in trials. Bharat sought the approval of Biotech's Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for Phase-I and Phase-II of the clinical trials to test the safety and immunity boosting potential of the vaccine. However, the expert panel has currently approved Phase-1 trials, which will examine the safety of the vaccine. Phase-2 trials will be approved only after the results.

Bharat Biotech has already launched a covacin that coaxes Corona

Why is the nasal vaccine important?

The nasal vaccine is like a nasal spray. The vaccine is given as two drops in the nose. It is neither injected nor ingested orally. The vaccine triggers an immune response directly where it is most needed, as the corona virus first attacks the nose. According to VK Paul, a member of the policy commission (health), the vaccine could prove to be a game changer if it succeeds in trials. It is also easy to use and we are eagerly awaiting the results of the trials.

Randeep Guleria, director, AIIMS-Delhi, said it was easy for children going to school to be vaccinated. Many mild symptoms of corona have been found in children, but they can spread the infection. This is why the nasal vaccine will help prevent corona virus in children. Currently, two vaccines are approved in India - Covexin and Covishield. Both of these vaccines are intramuscular with side effects and this is why very few people are coming forward to get vaccinated. The nasal vaccine may help protect more and more people against the corona virus.

What is the nasal vaccine of Bharat Biotech?
 This novel is creating a chimp-adeno virus, a single-dose intranasal covid vaccine. The Serum Institute of India in Pune is also working on a nasal vaccine in collaboration with a foreign organization. The vaccine is currently in laboratory trials. Pre-clinical trials of Bharat Biotech's BBV154 (Intranasal Covid-19 Vaccine) have been completed. This has been successful in toxicology, immunogenicity and challenge studies. The study was conducted in India and the United States. Phase-1 clinical trials could begin in February-March 2021. If all goes well, the vaccine will complete clinical trials by June. It may then be available in this market in the second half of the year.

How does this work?
Corona viruses usually enter the body through the nose. The nasal vaccine stimulates your immune system to make proteins in the blood and nose, which helps you fight the virus. A doctor sprays the vaccine through a small syringe without a needle into your nose. It usually starts to show its effect in two weeks. Covexin and Covishield are currently being administered in India, with a second dose being given at 28-day intervals, the effect of which also begins 14 days after the second dose.
The rapid spread of the nasal vaccine to stem the spread of the corona virus in the West could be a game changer. This is a single dose vaccine, which makes tracking easier. Its side effects are also less compared to intramuscular vaccines.

The doctor who gave the flu vaccine to a girl in the United States, the flu vaccine has proved to be more effective and is used all over the world.

How is the nasal vaccine different?
Many microbes, including corona viruses, enter the body through the mucosa (wet, sticky substance that is in the nose, mouth, lungs, and digestive tract). The nasal vaccine stimulates the immune response directly in the mucosa. To put it bluntly, the nasal vaccine raises a soldier to fight here, from where the virus infiltrates the body, whereas the immune response to the intramuscular vaccine is first seen in other parts of the body, after which it reaches the site of infection and activates the virus.

Can this be so effective?
An effective nasal dose will not only protect against corona virus, but also prevent the spread of the disease. If the vaccine is effective, the patient will not have a mild symptom. The virus also cannot harm other parts of the body. According to Bharat Biotech, their nasal vaccine has yielded very good results in studies performed on mice. Technology and data are printed in a reputable scientific journal cell.

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What are the benefits of nasal vaccine?
Intranasal vaccine is not only easy to give, but it will also reduce medical waste like syringes, needles. This will also reduce the cost of the vaccination campaign. The director of the Biological Therapeutics Center, Dr. David T. Kuriel says a single nasal dose of the vaccine will make vaccination easier. It will be easier to reach more and more people.

Which countries are developing nasal vaccines?
Several research groups, including teams from India, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, are currently working on the nasal corona vaccine. On September 11, China also approved the first nasal spray vaccine for trials, with trials beginning in November. Still waiting for results.

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