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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Mind WIth The Full Solution

Solve your favorite puzzle game, train your brain, and have fun! Thousands of puzzles to explore. Install to start now!

Classic puzzle game for beginners and advanced players. Get alittle stimulating break or clear your head!You can take your favorite puzzle game with you whenever you want to go. Mind puzzle game is available offline. This is much easier to play on support on mobile than writing on pencil and paper.

Mind Puzzle game has 20000+ different type of puzzles and comes in six difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, fast, expert and giant one!

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Our free Mind Puzzle game have some features that make the sport easier for you: like hints, auto-check, and highlight duplicates. What is more in our application each classic Mind puzzle game has one solution. Choose any level you like!


Complete Daily Sudoku Challenges to urge unique trophies

You can participate in Events and also can win unique medals

Challenge yourself to determine your mistakes, or enable auto-check to confirm when your mistakes go

activate Notes to form notes as on paper. Every time you fill in a cell,The game's notes are updated automatically!

More features:

- Statistics. You can Track your progress for every difficult level: also analisis your best time and other achievements

- Unlimited Undos. Made a mistake? Just put it back quickly!

- Color themes. Choose one among three appearances to style your own sudoku kingdom! Play with more comfort, even in the dark!

- Auto-save. If for some reason sir you leave the game unfinished, it will survive. Continue playing anytime

- Eraser. Get rid of the mistakes

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Answer : 1

first row is 17 x 17 = 289

second row is 18 x 18 = 324

third row is 19 x 19 = 361


• More than 10000 classic well-formed sudoku puzzles

• 9x9 grid

• There is 6 perfectly balanced levels of hardpoint. The mind Puzzle game is a free app that is suitable for both Mind beginners and advanced evil Mind players!

• Support both phones and tablets

• Portrait and landscape mode for tablets

• Simple and intuitive design

Daily Mind Puzzle game is that the best thanks to start your day! 1 or 2 classic Mind puzzles will assist you to awaken, make your brain Power full work, and assist you to be ready for a productive daily working day.

If you're a superb Mind puzzle solver welcome to our Mind power kingdom! Here you'll spend your free time keeping your mind sharp. Regular game practice will assist you become a true Mind puzzle master who quickly deals even with the foremost difficult web puzzles during a short time.

Challenge your brain anywhere, anytime!

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