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Saturday, 16 January 2021

People are getting mentally ill by staying away from loved ones

Important thing:People are getting mentally ill by staying away from loved ones, the British government has revealed 8 ways to stay mentally fit

Corona has made a large number of people mentally ill. This is the reason why governments are now coming forward to save people from it. After America, Britain's agency Public Health England has shown people the way to get rid of mental illness. The focus is on lifestyle.

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The agency says that if you want to avoid mental problems, you must make lifestyle changes.

Public Health England lists 8 ways to get rid of mental problems

1. Work on
Daily Routine We should give more importance to daily routine. So think seriously about it first. Then make a daily routine plan that keeps us positive. Usually the daily routine is done according to our work. This approach is wrong. Work is necessary, but health is more than that. Focus on how much time you are giving yourself throughout the day.

So start the day with exercise and take a break to feel refreshed, rested and positive in a hectic schedule.

2. Stay connected to your loved
ones One of the biggest causes of mental problems is to stay away from your loved ones. According to one study, most working people do not have time for themselves. This distance destroys the peace of mind. So try to stay connected with loved ones. You can also take the help of social media and video chat for this.

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3. Help others
Think of helping those around you . It will benefit others and make you feel good.  It will not make you feel negative. You will be optimistic. There will also be relief from loneliness and anxiety.

4. Talk about your worries
It is normal to feel anxious, scared and helpless in a situation like an epidemic. Everyone must have experienced it too. Studies have shown that sharing stress reduces stress by more than half. Sharing problems leads to an exchange of advice. It also reduces stress. So don’t hesitate to share the problems.

5. Pay attention to physical health
How you are feeling mentally depends on your physical health. So focus on physical health. You can keep basic items such as a thermometer, BP machine, and first-aid kit for self-checkup at home.

6. Help to quit smoking, drugs and alcohol The
 It also increases the risk of suicide in depression. To get rid of it, seek the support of any partner who monitors your habit and stops it.

This is a habit that you can't give up if you get addicted to. Being accountable to others in such situations is an effective way.

Getting enough sleep Not getting enough sleep or getting enough sleep can also cause mental illness. It is wrong to think, worry, be stressed and use a mobile phone after going to bed. It reduces sleep time. It causes people to suffer from insomnia, which is also a mental illness.

Getting good and adequate sleep reduces the risk of mental illness by up to 50%. So make it a habit to sleep well.

8. Do what you love
when you are feeling lonely, anxious or stressed. The more you feel, the more annoyed you will be. In such a situation you do your favorite job, like, favorite hobby, try to learn something new. It will help you reduce stress.

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Anxiety The world’s biggest mental problem is
thousands of problems related to mental illness. Anxiety is a disease that accounts for 3.76% of the world's mental illness. Second is depression, which accounts for 3.44% of the world's mental illness. Number three is alcohol use disorder. You may be wondering if alcohol and drugs are a mental problem. We have already done a news related to it. According to psychiatrist Satyakant Trivedi in Bhopal, drug addiction is a mental illness .

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