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Saturday, 23 January 2021

Petrol-diesel prices rise for 8th time this month

Petrol-diesel prices rise for 8th time this month:Petrol price in Ahmedabad is Rs. 83.07, close to Rs. 100 in Rajasthan and Rs. 92.98 in Mumbai. The price per liter went up

On Saturday, diesel prices were hiked by 26 paise and petrol by 25 paise per liter

The rise in petrol-diesel prices does not go unnoticed. State-owned oil companies have hiked fuel prices for the second day in a row on Saturday, January 23. After the price hike by oil companies, petrol price in Ahmedabad has gone up by Rs. 83.07 and the price of diesel has gone up to 81.68. In Ahmedabad, the price is all-time high.

Rajasthan petrol costs Rs. Has reached close to 100. The price of petrol in Bhopal is Rs 93.56 per liter and in Mumbai it is Rs. 92.28. Petrol-diesel prices have risen eight times so far in January.

On the other hand, petrol price in Delhi on January 23 was Rs. 85.70 and diesel at Rs. Was 75.88 per liter. Diesel prices have been hiked by 26 paise and petrol by 25 paise. Earlier on Friday, petrol-diesel prices were also hiked.

In Ganganagar
, Rajasthan, the price of petrol has gone up to Rs 97.50 per liter . 97.50 per liter. Diesel price Rs. 88.91 per liter. In Jaipur, petrol costs Rs. 93.20. If petrol prices continue to rise in this way, the price will soon go up to Rs. 100 can be.

Petrol-diesel prices in major cities

The name of the cityPetrol (Rs. Per liter)Diesel (Rs. Per liter)



So far in January, Rs. 1.99 and diesel Rs. 2.01 Expensive
Petrol-diesel prices have risen 8 times so far in January. In Delhi, meanwhile, petrol costs Rs. 1.99 per liter. When it comes to diesel, the price of diesel has gone up by Rs. An increase of 2.01. On December 7, petrol was priced at Rs 83.71 per liter in Delhi and diesel at Rs. 73.87. Since then prices have not risen in 29 days. Fuel prices have risen for the first time this month on January 6.

Petrol-diesel prices are fixed daily at 6 am
Oil marketing companies fix petrol-diesel prices daily after reviewing prices. Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum announce new prices by revising petrol and diesel prices at 6 am daily. You can also know the rate of petrol-diesel through SMS. For this, the customer of Indian Oil can know the daily price by typing the code on RSP Space Patrol and the customers of BPCL can know the daily price by typing RSP on 9224992249. While HPCL customers can know the daily price by texting HP Price to 9222201122.

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