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Saturday, 9 January 2021

Photo Story in city bhuj

Photo Story:Zero care of beautiful circles created by voluntary organizations

Muktajivan Swamibapa Circle

The development of the city is well known after the 2001 earthquake. As the area of ​​the city increased manifold, many attractions also arose in collaboration with government and private institutions.

Bapadayalu Circle

With the help of the government, facilities like ring road, commercial complex, relocation settlements, civil hospital, hill garden and roads were widened and turned into circles. More than fifteen circle institutions were erected, which are still newly formed today.

Women's College Circle

All these circles are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of any society, organization or industrial unit. The picture presented has circles around the city that have either not been cleaned, or have broken down for some reason. Very few circles on the shoulder are perfect. Damaged, repaired or cleaned, re-decorated and enhanced the beauty of the city.

Sardar Patel Circle

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Bhuj Municipality owns all these circles but its cleaning, maintenance or repair has to be done by any organization. It is clear from the picture that most of the circles of the city have been forgotten by the institutions and industrial units.

Bhuj is weak in terms of cleanliness. Bhuj has no contribution in cleanliness. Be very careful to keep Bhuj clean. Advice to keep clean in Bhuj. Be careful to keep clean. Hygiene becomes a serious problem for Bhuj.

Sanitation is not seen in Bhuj. Attention has been drawn for sanitation in Bhuj.

Not paying attention to cleanliness can spread diseases. If care is not taken about cleanliness, the chances of people getting sick will increase. And diseases are still going on. It is very important to keep it clean. If you do not have cleanliness, you will not see health.

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