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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Picture news of our world

News from around the world in pictures:A place buried in volcanic ash for over a year: the Han River freezes with record-breaking cold in South Korea; Mexicans unconcerned with Corona

This is not a painting. In fact, one year ago, on January 12, 2020, Tal Volcano became active. Gotagota of ashes flew all around. The incident forced the evacuation of thousands of people living nearby. But today, a year later, volcanic ash can still be seen all around. Underneath which are the ruins of destroyed houses. People who used to live here earlier live in temporary tents elsewhere.

Tal: A tourist destination buried under volcanic ash in the Philippines

Several cows, horses and other animals were killed when the Tal volcano erupted a year ago. The island is called Ghost Town.

This place, which has become like a haunted town, is prone to frequent earthquakes due to volcanoes. There were about 5000 people working as tour guides but after the volcano became active, they all moved to other places. Here you can see a sheet of gray color spread all around.

A school here was also destroyed after the eruption.

Record-breaking cold in South Korea, the Han River freezes

South Korea is experiencing record-breaking cold this year. Seoul's minimum temperature has reached -20 degrees. Looking at the average of the last 30 years, the Han River froze 4 days ago this time.

South Korea has been hit by a record-breaking killer cold. The waters of the famous Han River have frozen to minus 20 degrees Celsius. According to experts, this year's coronavirus caused a sharp drop in pollution in the lockdown and increased the cold.

Snowmen in a park in South Korea. This year the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees due to record-breaking cold and heavy snowfall. The meteorological department has warned of heavy snowfall for Jeju Island and Honam region here.

Gyeongbok Palace, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the South Korean capital, Seoul, is also covered with a white blanket of snow.

Beautiful artwork from the useless peel of a coconut

Vijayanand Shembaker, a native of Alibag, Maharashtra, makes such beautiful artwork from the useless bark of a coconut that the viewer is left staring. Vijayanand's 59-year-old art gallery Ashirwad Kaladalan has one to one superior artwork. 

They are fond of useless things. Because of this he had to listen to people many times. Once he saw this passion, he called his family members insane. However, his art was appreciated when the artwork he created was appreciated.

Vijayanand says that I have a habit of enduring stress without people's questions and reasons. I started making this artwork in 2008. This is my childhood hobby and fulfilling it gives me inner satisfaction.

 I make artwork using coconuts, bark, leaves and twigs. So far I have made tractors, cars, auto rickshaws, bicycles, bikes and lamps for home decoration from coconut. This artwork is invaluable to me as I do not sell.

Mexicans unconcerned with Corona

Mamitas Beach at Playa del Carmen in the state of Quinta, Mexico, is currently crowded with tourists. Despite the increasing incidence of corona, people here are seen moving around without a mask. Pilgrims pose for a photograph with a figurative sculpture at a resort.

Cavid 19 epidemic cases are on the rise in Mexico but people here have no fear of corona. People can be seen roaming around the various beaches without any social distance or masks.

No more getting stuck in traffic, fly straight to the car from the stairs

General Motors unveiled a self-driving and flying car of the future - the Flying Cadillac.

The beauty of this future car is that it can fly and land and land in cities. This flying car can fly straight up and even land. It doesn't need a runway.

Corona's Pratap damaged the cargo

The long queue of cargo trucks is seen at Manston in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic. In fact, trucks coming from the UK have been stopped. According to French authorities, the trucks will be allowed to proceed only after the ban on the Corona virus is lifted. But for that, the test of the first corona must be negative.

Due to the corona, the number of pilgrims in Gangasagar fair decreased

Gangasagar Mela is organized in West Bengal on the occasion of Makar Sankrati. Pilgrims dipping into the river Ganga are seen in the picture. The place is usually crowded with pilgrims but due to the Corona epidemic, very few pilgrims are coming here this year.

The 13th century castle in Scotland also froze

The picture is of the Lochindorb castle in Scotland. The temperature dropped below minus 6 degrees Celsius, freezing even the 13th century castle. Photographer James Foster clicked this picture. He said this was a really wonderful sight.

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