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Monday, 11 January 2021

Police raid points will be closed in every area of ​​Ahmedabad in Uttarayan

Police raid points will be closed in every area of ​​Ahmedabad in Uttarayan, constant watch will be kept with binoculars and walkie-talkie.

If a mob and anyone without a mask appears on the doorstep, the local police will be informed and action will be taken immediately

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The city police has started preparations to ensure that people celebrate the Uttarayan festival with their families on the steps and without the music system. Dhaba points will be set up in every area this year on the occasion of Uttarayan, just as Dhaba points and binoculars (binoculars) are used to keep a watch on the rathyatra arrangements, the largest police provision in the state every year.

 Policemen equipped with walkie-talkies will keep a watch on the threshold through binoculars and wherever a crowd of people appears without masks, they will immediately inform the local police and take action against them.

Pol will continue to patrol in the area of

Zone 3 DCP Makarand Chavan said police will continue to patrol the region Pol told DivyaBhaskar. Policemen will be deployed on the steps and on the road. Police will keep a watch on the threshold with binoculars at the threshold point and take action wherever more men appear.

 All government guidelines will be strictly followed. The state police chief Ashish Bhatia instructed all the police officers in the state through video-conferencing to ensure adequate vigilance to ensure that no untoward incident takes place by ensuring effective police compliance with the Uttarayan festival follow-up as per government guidelines as well as High Court guidelines.

Effective police patrolling / arrangements should be made on the day before Uttarayan, on the day of Uttarayan as well as on the day of Wasi Uttarayan to ensure that no kite is collected on any public places / open grounds / roads etc.

 The Uttarayan festival ensures that large numbers of people do not gather on the roof of a house, flat or attic as well as celebrate with close family members, in which no one without a mask gathers on the roof of a house, flat or attic and those present must observe social distance. Was instructed to do.

Police officers have also been instructed
not to draw any text or pictures on the kite that would offend the public and not to use loudspeakers or DJ music systems on the terraces. The Supreme Court and the High Court and the NGT have instructed to ban Chinese sky lanterns, Chinese tukkals, manjas, plastic strings, etc. 

To take legal action against such activity. The curfew imposed in the police commissionerate area in four metros in the state should be strictly enforced and all police officers were asked to use drones and CCTV surveillance in their area of ​​operation.

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Patrolling and fixed points will be maintained
by the police to ensure that there is no crowd in the area where kites and manjas are sold. Patrolling and fixed points will also be maintained by the police. In addition to this, the traders will also be informed about this matter and their help will be sought to plan in such a way that there will be no congestion in their area. Local leaders, society chairmen, political leaders, etc.

 will also be contacted during the festival to ensure that people abide by the rules. The public address system of the vehicles will also continuously instruct the people to celebrate the festival as per the rules.

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