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Friday, 8 January 2021

Rehearsal before corona vaccine:

Rehearsal before corona vaccine:Dry run in 736 districts of 33 states, health minister says vaccine will start in next few days

The second phase of dry run of corona vaccination is going on today in 736 districts of 33 states of the country. The point is, before the real vaccination begins, it is important to realize what the future holds. 

Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan is on a visit to Tamil Nadu today to check for a dry run.

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How is the dry run going?
There are four steps in the dry run process other than vaccine. In it 1. To collect information of people who are to be vaccinated with dummy vaccine. 2. Information on the place where the vaccine is to be given. 3. Verification of documents in the hospital. 4. Uploading mock drill and reporting information of vaccination.

People on the dry run list are given a dummy vaccine. In the meantime the arrangements required to initiate vaccination are being reviewed.

Three rooms have been created at each center. The first room is for waiting. A demo of the entire information of the health worker is being obtained in it. The vaccine is being given in another room. The vaccinated person is kept in the third room for 30 minutes. So that he can be treated immediately if he has any reaction.

The first dry run took place on January 2nd. The first
phase dry run was held last week at 285 centers in 125 districts. This rehearsal will be fine in most of the states. Defects were found in some places. Bhopal had 5 defects.

1. Vaccination information must be provided manually to register on the portal.

2. Many health workers did not arrive with a registered mobile number. In these circumstances, they 
could not see the SMS they received after the vaccination.

3. The observation room became crowded.

4. Vaccination took a toll as many people came wearing sweaters, jackets and flower sleeves due to the cold.

5. Social distance did not appear during vaccination.

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